Leadership Problems

It’s so hard being a leader in an Alliance, You have to make the hard decisions of making room for people and deciding who goes and who stays for the benefit of all,  It’s very difficult especially when you let a person in and they stay for awhile to take advantage of the gold boost they even donate some of their own gold just to make you think they’re committed and to limit their chances of being kicked, and after they’re done taking advantage of the gold boost they switch teams as soon as they get an invite ( I won’t mention any names )



I guess what i’m trying to say is be careful who you decide to let in and if you are a player looking for an alliance please do not join one if you just plan on base jumping later in the future ! 



Also i think their Flare should make a cap limit on how many times a person can change Alliances and pay a fee for every time they switch. In that way players will be more committed to one they choose and think more carefully when choosing their teams, After all it is called " Alliance " for a reason.

I’ve never been an Alliance leader but I do admin a few online poker clubs.

Im all 2 familliar with these kind of problems.

Expect to see many player bounce around or be kicked.

Things should settle down when everyone finds an Alliance that fits for them.


Yeah there is a lot of that going on lately , there has to be some limit or fee for jumping players.  My Alliance is 16 at the moment and i have put a lot of effort in it already so i will not leave what i worked so hard for and abandon the players that had stood with me but thanks for the offer and good luck to you, see you at the top ! 

sorry i stole your member anonymous it wasnt meant as a personall attack to you but just tryng to get my team together

The elemental ninjas will destroy you all


#silent but deadly





I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to find descent players as i’m sure you already know , so by doing what you did you basically bashed my hard work and efforts so that is in some way personal, You’re not the only one trying to put a team together, So i’ll try and be a role model here and put this in the past.






Okay good luck ! 



This should be a trend #silent but deadly, I need a twitter account to make this trend though, but still silent but deadly

well if you dont its a combat game your welcome to fight it out if you desire but id glady steal you if my alliance could agree on you joining :wink:

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but I should be going to sleep too


btw i’m bad at songs and lyrics

It happened to me too with my alliance, Italian Knights, two > 3300 players, afj88 and antonmetallica1976 decided to leave the alliance, the craziest thing is that the second one donated over 700k (so he paid at least 3 euros) before leaving :slight_smile:

“If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

So how does a member leaving your alliance hurt your alliance? Isn’t an alliance all about team work?

No matter if they were top donors, the rest of the alliance can continue donating. Just that leveling will be a little slower.


Everyone in a rush to reach the top. Slow and steady wins the race I always say.

Nah , thinking about it again we actually didn’t steal Vahalla’s player.We only made a fair offer , nothing against the rule.We want him from the start , just that Vahalla got him first but we try our luck.We’ve lost our top player too , schlenkerkell.We respect his decision to leave though , he got the final say.

it is natural that most people wants to join the strongest (or stronger) alliance or alliance which can give them the most benefit (like gold boost). Unless you find someone u know well to join your alliance, then he might stay. But if he is just a random player, he will likely to leave the alliance for a better place. 


it is common people come in and leave at initial stage because we are curious what alliance can do. Slowly everything will become stable. 


So you can decide whom you kick if you see a benefit, but don’t think it’s OK if someone leaves if he sees a benefit?

You taking advantage of the members donations is OK, but them taking advantage of the gold boost is not?

A little one-sided, isn’t it?



If there would be a limit about switching alliances for members, there’d also have to be a limit about kicking them. Not surprised you didn’t ask for that one too… :wink:


Is that not the whole point in the alliance in the first place ? For the whole team to donate and fight for an alliance they choose so why put a limit on kicking someone out if they do not contribute ? So you would let someone live at your house forever without paying rent and not kick them out ? You join an alliance to help the team and enjoy the benefits, not enjoy the benefits and bounce, If they contribute to the team then they would not be kicked out in the first place right ?  It’s not one sided, it’s just common sense. 


And the limit ensures you will choose more wisely when choosing which team to join, After all why have someone join just to leave 30 mins later ? If that was the case you might as well have not joined at all right.


First of all Alliance is not leaders home. Its like a club or town home where every one meets. This is like a non profit organization. If they want they will donate. If you think other members are renting your home, that I believe is a flawed thinking. You can always have your conditioned mentioned as alliance rules when they join itself and you should also provide them a way to explain the reason they broke those rules. I will be happy if someone decides so soon… before others get attached to that person. I see no issue with that. I am not sure there is any one else who is agreeing with your thought process.

as these teams settle in, peeps are going to bounce around till they find what works for them.

its like how ugly girls end up with ugly boys.

prolly how 2 hard heads like us end up in an alliance.


I vote let kings go as they please. And let the leader any group to recrute and select and kick anybody they want in order to find pepole that work for there personal vison of there alliance.


i may not always agree with you, bro

but you have a love for this game and you have a kick ass team you can be proud of.

and nobody can take that away from you.

you have my support.


GO Valhalla!