Leadership role

As it stands, if the alliance does not like their leader, there is no way to get ride of them. I’d like to see a new function that allows alliance generals to stage a coupe and take over alliance leadership forcefully.

Possibly the same for soldiers to remove and replace generals.

Does any body else like this idea?







There are a lot of alliances in this game, if you don’t like your Leader/Generals just to go another alliance!

Or make your own if you want to be a leader so badly.



U do really want revolt




Edit: Now you say this in my chill alliance an absolute drunk with power, mr know it all **** is now leader.




Reason: If a person is a leader means that he knows what is going to do for the future and he will take care of the alliance if he really wants.

If you say this statment maybe it’s only because you don’t like his attitude or maybe it’s because he isn’t able to do his job.

In this case in 90% of cases if you don’t like the leader just change alliance (there are tons of other alliances surely better) that is surely more healthy for you.

#1 leadership skill is knowing how to ghost someone

I see a pattern here.

AH that will be too sad for a leader. A leader dies hard for his alliance. He tries to have maximum donation and also max skull in wars.

And kicking depromoting the person who is the leader and creator of an alliance. Shit.

Someone will slap you.


Is it a coup?

If you fail, you should collapse… Is this okay?

10 against 1, i don’t see this failing lol

While it does sound fun, it’s really just too dumb. As Phage said way back there, just go make your own alliance if you don’t like the one you’re in

wow, talk about resurrecting a dead post!  The person who created this probably doesn’t even play the game anymore.  They made one post about how  miserable they were and was never heard from again.  It’s like throwing a proverbial grenade in a room and walking out.  I doubt this guy was even a serious player if he even made a comment like that.  Sounds more like an entitled ingrate to me.  There are many teams to choose from- some fit your style and expectations, some bite of more than they can chew. One thing’s for sure- there is no shortage of alliances looking for new members!


But there IS a shortage of alliances :wink:  

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@Mermaid9467 is watching too much GOT

This thread should be deleted 

Flare will introduce this feature in version 5.0