Leadership vacuum

Not sure where to post this, but the group I’m an active part of had top members switching to bigger groups. Nothing wrong with that but it left a lone General at the top who is active but doesn’t participate in wars or not interested in promoting other Foot Soldiers as officers. Aside from starting our own group, is there a way to either 1) get promoted 

  1. kick the general out and elect others instead?

we tried messaging him/her to promote us so we can participate before the last 2 wars but he/she hasn’t responded.


You can always shift your alliance. There are alliances which always welcome good players. 

Other option is if you have a good communication between the members!

Nope, only a Leader can create a General and General can create a Sargent.

Leader can give the leadership to others solely on his discretion. No other way of electing another leader.

Only Leader can kick out General.

So if you don’t like the group, if you have enough members create your own alliance or merge with other alliance. Some good ones are available.

Apart from this i don’ t find any other way.

Sigh looks like that’s what the majority of the group will need to do 

thanks for the input guys