what does leadership do?

It fills up your morale bar faster. 

It doesn’t affect troop effectiveness at all?  Doesn’t increase their damage or make them tougher?

I attacked the same dude’s layout with 2 different heroes - both using minotaurs.  The first hero seems the minotaurs couldn’t even break through barriers - but the 2nd hero they just exploded them.  The only difference I saw between the 2 heroes was my second one has abou 2k more leadership.

More leadership means more troops.

Heroes having lot of leadership summons lots of units.

No. The bar of morale just fills out faster.

Did you use Bia on one of those tries, and not with the other hero ?

Healing them, also might give you the illusion you mentioned.

can you tell which two heroes you have used and if frostbite and demolition had the same values? (you said that the only difference was leadership, but just to be sure).
edit: e.g. if one hero has a greater natural damage amplifier than the other the XY times damage from FB or Demolition proc can make a great difference. unlike described (by users), demolition does not take away e.g. half the health of barricades when it procs, it amplifies the damage dealt to structures.

edit: the values of damage reflex / area damage compared for those two heros would also be interesting, imho

Are you sure about this (tests in an isolated environment)? I do think that demo takes away half of the remaining  health of the structures. I have demo with Ariadne and a few hours ago I had it proc 3 times on the same barricade, 1st time at the beginning and the 2nd and 3rd times were consecutive when the barricade was almost down (like 10% HP). And I can tell you that the 1st proc did cut off about 50% of the HP while the 2nd and the 3rd didn’t do much …

ahhh - i mixed up frostbite with demolition from the dev answers given in https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/48642-januaryfebruary-qa-answers/:


Q: Does demolition and frostbite “stack”? If they both proc on the same hit vs a tower or barricade, will it double the damage of the demolition-enhanced attack? If so, is this intended, particularly in light of the recent buff to frostbite?

Yes, Demolition and Frostbite stack and can proc on the same hit. It’s not intended that the Frostbite proc increases the Demolition damage though.

Q: Ice damage (fb) got buffed up to 300%… how it really works? Through attack speed? Cooldown? Damage? Or bia? Or with all of them at once?

When Frostbite procs, the particular attack (weapon swing) that caused the Frostbite does 3 times as much damage (100% Physical + 200% Ice) as it would normally do (and slows the target for 3 seconds).


there are some descriptions here: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/42402-demolition-chance/?do=findComment&comment=195738 or https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/43818-general-newb-guide/ that tell the same as you do.

but: i find it puzzling that the strength of a or its level hero does not affect demolition and a e.g. 4k not fully developed hero (considering gear or hero level) can take the same amount of health away from a >250k barricade with one swing. as you suggested: i need to do tests on this (or ask in the dev-Q&A section - i did not find a realted question to this…)

Demo, stun and petrify are independent from the hero’s damage, which makes interesting combinations with area damage. Have you seen demo destroys multiple structures (depending on the rotation of the towers)? ?

i have - but actually i don’t use AD in offense - maybe i should…

but if demo just takes down 50% of the remaining HP, how can it take down a structure at all? it has to be a different combination e.g. normal/additional damage

There’s the frostbite bug … ?

I think when a structure reaches a certain point maybe at the heroes specific damage per hit, the demo wouldn’t halve the health of the structure it would actually destroy it. 

For example Herc with Damage 30k hits a barricade with 25k health left:  Demo under normal conditions would reduce the barricade to 12.5k health, but as Herc’s normal strike does 30k damage the demo strike although activated destroys the barricade as it is less than Herc’s normal strike in this example. I think this is how it works.

Actually I think that demo replaces the damage, which is why frostbite+demo combo makes a bug … But we can ask the dev if the damage of the hero is still there when demo proc.

It takes 50% IF it procs, at the % you have on your hero demo. Interesting theory by dumpster, if you had 100% demo, you would NEVER, destroy any structure. Which is why 75% is the best cap out there, of all the perk caps. The 50% of structure health, is separate/irrelevant from the proc chance, which is like all other attack perks. 

its also arguably, not optimal to max it… which is why 15-25% works fine, maybe 30-40% max. I never use more. You hit a structure several times, its bound to proc (% is per *hit*), even few times on same structure… so it cant benefit much more. Think of a structure with low health, which you can destroy with your raw damage, demo actually *wont allow* that, and practically you don’t need it. If you ever get a guy lower than 100 level, test his base, with and without demo (dont use powers/units)… you will see the difference.

Comments above, do not take into consideration the fb bug, for understanding how demo works alone.

I still maintain the system would give the attacking hero the greatest damage possible, so if 50% damage is possible IF the demo activated then it would do that, but if there is less than the heroes damage stat anyway I believe that even if demo activated it would destroy the object. I donºt think it would keep halving the structures health forever if the demo kept activating by chance. 

I did some tests with a high demo Jason vs some low health tower ‘’ on many occasions when the towers were almost dead the demo would activate and the tower would be destroyed in that action, so clearly doesnºt half the remaining health. 

It’s difficult to determine when hits/damage/demo are calculated… I don’t like this aspect. As a whole, everything works ok, but its difficult to actually see the “fight”. Many games, when you hit its clear, here we have some formulas in place, which make calculation difficult and results blurry. In the past few months, we have gotten a more clear understanding of how these things work, but there are still so many details we do not know. It doesn’t matter usually, but if you really want to have the edge, you should know how everything works, to built your heroes or plan your raids that way imho. It’s what separates elites, from good players, in my version of elites.

It’s not “clearly” when you don’t know the mechanics 100%. If damage procs with demo at the same time, then it’s possible that the structure can get 50% and then damage takes care of the rest, it just so happens it is destroyed. It’s also possibly that damage kicks in first, then demo with a split second ruling (like the fails we see over the gate broken). There could also be a bare minimum of demo, say below 10% or 5% health, in fact so the 50% doesn’t keep an endless loop of damage and never destroying the tower… If demo result of 10% is 5k damage, but hero does more than 12k damage, it could be that damage overrules it, or demo = damage in this case. I can think of many ways, that things work.

I like to be more open, than to be definitive. There are so many explanations, it’s probably better we ask a question. Having said that, your test and explanation, might also be true.