What is leadership???





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leadership determine the length of blue bars on the bottom of your screen while raiding a castle plus the speed of which it will refills , more leadership means you can spawn more troops and faster too

Leadership affects the blue bar at the bottom of your screen when you raid. It affects how much longer the blue bar is and how fast it regenerates. It helps you to deploy troops faster.

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Might be worth noting that leadership has a blue crown as symbol in the hero (gear) stats, and that leadership is something that depends (solely) on your hero and that only matters when attacking. The amount of leadership your hero has increases with each level, and some items for the hero (e.g. crowns or rings) can increase the leadership value.

The higher the total leadership value of your hero, the more morale points your hero’s morale bar (blue, bottom of screen) can contain in battle when it is full and how fast it refills. When you summon troops in battle, a number of morale points are deducted, so the higher your leadership, the more/faster your morale increases, so the more/faster you can summon troops in battle. Also, some troops (especially monsters) cost many morale points, so you need a certain minimum amount of leadership to have a morale bar big enoughto be able to summon these monsters. Leadership/morale in battle is only used for summoning troops, it has no other effects.