League of Assassins - Now Recruiting

Hello everyone,My name is Chris (Username: ShadowxStorm) and I am the leader of The League of Assassins Alliance. When at full capacity, we are within the Top 40 Alliances with a 35% Gold Boost. We are always seeking new loyal members who are capable of meeting the minimum requirements below:


  1. Able to understand / communicate in English 
  2. You must be an active player who meets or exceeds one of the following criteria: (Active = regular 24 hour donations)
  3. 3000 Trophies & 100K Donations
  4. 3500 Trophies & 75K Donations
  5. 4000 Trophies & 50K Donations
  6. You must be courteous and friendly to others members.
  7. It is recommended to join our Facebook group in order to make communications easier and to read important announcements in time. 


Disclaimer: A few of our current members do not meet the trophy and/or donation requirement above, but earned a spot in the alliance much earlier in our journey and have shown loyalty and regular donations. As our Alliance levels up, our minimum requirements will increase as well. However, we DO NOT kick out older and loyal members simply because they do not meet the current requirements. So long as each member shows progress and makes regular donations, they will not be removed from the Alliance.  

As long as you adhere to the above requirements then you will be strongly considered for the Alliance. If your membership is approved, you will have a guaranteed spot in our Alliance as long as you adhere to the rules. I value and respect loyalty and love to see our members grow as our alliance grows.


We currently have 3 positions available, but I like to keep my eye on future potential recruits as well. Therefore, if you don’t make it into the Alliance before we fill up, I will try to find and message you and we will try to accommodate you once another position becomes available.


If you are interested in joining the League of Assassins, please post below, message me privately, or submit a request in game. 

We are currently within Top 40 with a 33% Gold Boost. Our membership is full at the moment, but we will have another opening soon. Please message me if you are interested in joining and I we will try to accommodate you as a new position becomes available!