League promotion and selection of players

I am a lvl100 player…still i haven’t won any diamond league…i have tried so hard so many tym…but before league ends…some top level player scores more in such less time…just beacause at there level…they usually get around 1000medals per raid cuz they are strong enough…and i am not…i usually get 33-35 medals per raid…and if  i try to attack a high level  player…well i can’t…not tht strong enough to beat there base…How am i supposed to compete with them then…these leagues should be lyk ninja league…certain range players can compete with each other at a tym…so there is a fair competition…or it should be lyk this if a player wants to be promoted to the next league…it should be upto them… because as per me…i mostly play platinum… beacause i am able to win with players lyk me…but when i get promoted to DL…i can’t win…so i have to wait for 3days to get demoted to again play in platinum…3days wasted all for nothing is annoying…should be done something abt it.

Players don’t win diamond by raiding. Look for activities with the highest food to medal ratio. IE 30 medals for 210 food isn’t good, the ratio is just 1:7. A good dungeon, on the other hand, can get a ratio greater than 1, meaning every unit of food gets more than 1 medal. Just pick the deepest dungeon you can consistently beat and keep raiding it, using vouchers for food when you have time. As a bonus, you have to do far fewer raids, saving you lots of time :wink:

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It could that these players have a favorite list of bases to attack that offer a high medal account and therefore keep attacking those. 

You could also try playing the dungeons. That is what I did. The dungeons in red zone give you more medals. I continually kept playing one that gave me 600+ medals.

It will cost you a lot of bread doing it this way so make sure to calculate the bread to medal ratio to see which dungeon is best to attack. Save up as many vouchers as possible.

It can also grow tiresome attacking the same dungeon over and over. Put in the work and that 5th star will be yours!

@AwesomestKnightest helped me discover this! 

I think we were typing this at the same time. @QuantumApocalypse ??


It’s quite ironic that I did though, as I do not have the 5th star lol

Man playin dungeouns to win league ain’t new to me…thts what i do usually to win leagues…but bro its really tough to collect so much breads to get around 1k per raid…wherelse high level players can easily collect 1k medals with 220breads and even less…just because they are strong enough to raid top bases who give more medals…do you think they are also raiding dungeon to get medals with so mch breads…i don’t think so.


That May be so, but I like to think that it’s more rewarding to teach others… than getting a star. 



Yes, me too. For us 90-100 level players, fighting in dungeons or medals is the way to go. We must face the fact that we cannot attack players with high medals. Dungeons are the best way to earn high medals for a great “medal per bread” ratio

Also @Sachinv24, to attack a lot and make getting the gems worth it (even if you’re just going for the 5th star), save up tons of vouchers over a long amount of time. I don’t have any voucher friends, but I make a decent amount of vouchers per month for a player without any. If I was patient with vouchers, I would be able to win the Diamond League. To win using mainly vouchers, then you’d probably only need around 2000 vouchers. That probably would take 3 months to get, maybe 4. That’s without voucher friends

My current dungeon yield is around 860 medals for a bit over 600 food. Beats 34 medals for 160/220 food hands down. Also normal bases that yield serious medals tend to be seriously difficult so in the end dungeons is the way to go.

Interestingly enough, in my last platinum league I looked at one high ranked player (with some 5k+ medals) and it said he’s level 35 (I’m 96, fyi). So much for player levels having anything to do with anything.

Same, mate ?

One more thing, get as many bread perks as you can. You can cut 600 food dungeon fights down to less than 100 that way.

Also, there are perks to increase your medals too by around 16% at our level

Food reduction perk doesn’t work on Dungeons unfortunately. (and neither does medal bonus)

OP is right about the diamond league being unfair to lower players. The high players can just do normal attacks for 1000 medals per raid with medal and food perks.

Once you go over 4k trophies the medals you get are starting to become reasonable at 100-400 medals but still not nearly enough to win the diamond league.

It IS possible to win the diamond league as a lower player IF you are lucky and get a calm league but the time and effort you have to put in are out of proportion.

Couldn’t agree more. @JiggleFizziks


@Sachinv24 I won Diamond 2 weeks ago at level 85. 

Level does not matter. You have to be strategic in your raids. 

Everyone in the Diamond league I was in were at much higher levels. One in particular at level 117 battled it out with me.

I only played dungeons that yielded 500-600 medals.  I knew the level 117 player was playing bases that yielded around 1000 medals. 

But it did not matter that he could earn more medals per attack than me. At all.

Because when I figured he was sleeping - I got a 45,000 medal lead on him. Do you know how many times I had to battle the dungeons to get that lead over him? Over 85!!! I spent hours. Hours. :wink: :wink:

Which I think intimidated him - because he knew I didn’t have my 5th star and that I probably wasn’t giving up. 

Play strategically and do NOT GIVE UP!

You can do it too! 


EDIT: Should also mention that I used a ton of vouchers and gems to keep filling up silo. This might not be the best method if you’re specifically going for the gem reward from Diamond. Return on investment would be low.

Lol. Not that I did that or anything.  :wink: :wink:


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My value for dungeons in leagues is 1250 medals for 760 bread. Seems fair enough to me. This ninja event was good, got around 300 medals per attack in later rounds

I have to admit @OVRSLO, I wouldn’t want to see you in my league. I’d just give up knowing I have no shot LOL

the only way for u is fight in dungeons. sometime  you will be strong enough to defeat the high defences , then you will get a shedloads of medals. just be patient :grinning:

You have already got the right play mode there. ?

Play league that give you 1st place only, except diamond league that give advantage for 1st and 2nd place.


Collect many vouchers, activating your farm boost by watch ads, as you knew attack dungeon only (if you’re under 4k) and spare your time to make an attack (for 3 days) as often as possible. That’s the way you can catch up those > 4k players in DL leaderboards.

The lowest score that I got to win DL was around 60k medals and the highest score was around 170k medals. Keep trying and when you lucky, you’ll be in DL with players that lazy or busy so you can win more easily.

Good luck! ?

ps. Vein of Gold XXVII give me 1,275 medals for 586 food.

be careful though, if you are not comfortable with later dungeons, attack slightly earlier, for instance, I use Crypt of Living Dead V. I get 1206 for 760, worse medals pre bread used, but I feel much safer. Good point though @RoyaleDing2, definitely attack dungeons with a lot of medals

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And you’d whoop me in battle any day of the week. ??? @AwesomestKnightest