League promotion and selection of players

yes, but, you are putting your nose to the grindstone in leagues…I wouldn’t stand a chance lol

As a player lower than lvl100 and not able to raid consistently other players worth 500-1000 medals, this is what you need to do to win the Diamong League:

  1. if your league is running during a ninja event, just forget it. A 5k trophy player can get 50k medals just by finishing the ninja. A handful of attacks every day and he’s already close to 70k medals. Again, he’ll win without even trying hard. Players above 4k will get about half of those medals.

  2. every time you enter the diamond league, check the other player’s lvls and trophies. If they’re over 5k trophies, there’s a good chance you can’t compete with them even if they’re not even trying to win. If there’s not a lot of guys over 4k, then it might be a good opportunity to win the diamong league. Be patient, you have to wait for the right opportunity.

  3. So you waited for the right opportunity and it’s time to try to win. Look to score 60k (20k/day on average). If you score 30k on the first day, there is a good chance nobody will try to outscore you. You will need tons of vouchers for this (I spent 1k vouchers on my first diamond league).

  4. Try to keep your farms boosted at all times

  5. Dungeons are your best bet. Look for the dungeon with the highest medal to bread ratio that you can consistently beat without needing to use insta troops.

  6. Try to attack every 2 hours at least and collect your bread every hour during the day.

  7. Don’t spend gems. Exceptions: spend tons of gems if you’re rich; spend gems a couple of times if you ran out of vouchers in the last 15minutes of the league.


If you do everything right, you should probably win on your first or second try.

That’s all good advice, but… who the hell has time for all that?! (except OVRSLO :stuck_out_tongue: )

Seems I’m gonna pass on diamond until I get in that 4-5k range (which will be years).

???thanx for all of your suggestion…but i alrdy knew all tht…what i was trying to say that was its kinda not fair…as beacause mid level players have to do a lot of hardwork…collect breads,vouchers timely…keep farm boosted…have to raid same dungeon again and again to earn medals…waste so much tym in doing so…while high level players just have to simply attack other players at low bread cost…and thn wooshhh…n gets ahead of us and wim league…so tell me does it seem fair to you??

N its not abt my 5th star…i play for gems only ?:v:

Yes, fair enough.

If you still think that, is because you don’t do all the steps I wrote before.

I have won 10 diamond leagues so far. I only lost 1 and that’s because I gave up on the second day.

Just follow everything I said and you’ll win “easily”.

Nothing is for free. Everyone has to be treated equally :wink:

Hey now.   I only did that once.

And maybe this guy  :stuck_out_tongue:

@JiggleFizziks @AwesomestKnightest


Lets see about that…in my next DL…i’ll do exactly as you say…n won’t give up…hope i win✌

You must realize that it might not be in your next DL. You’ll have to wait for the right opportunity.

Otherwise you’ll have to muscle up and/or die close to the finish line.

I have no problem with this suggestion though. 

They should give us method to choose league in which we want to fight.  I don’t league diamond leagues if they give me option to choose i will stay in Platinum or gold league. 

That ruins the whole point of moving up though. The bottom leagues would be useless. Nobody would attack in those. The way it is right now is fine. The only fix they need to make, is making the matchups fairer. Make the players around you in the league be players at your level or trophy level

Super duper fair, those top players worked hard to get a good base, good offence and have the ability to hit higher difficulty bases hence the extra medals. If low level players could win Diamond Leagues, then whats the point in progressing? I personally won my first Diamond when i was around level 60 and tbh, not that hard to do,(i just had no life during that farming session, but leveled up to lvl 80+ cause of the farming for medals). Now as a level 109 a year later, i am constantly winning leagues without having to do many raids. 

My advice for you:


Keep raiding and level up, suck it up and have patience, you will be able to win a Diamond League and unlock the 5th star

Forge and upgrade your Offence, and if there are left over pearls, defence as well. Both are crucial for development and progression in RR2

Have fun. Good luck.

Totally agree✌

Bro you are right we all mid players want easy setup…while top players alrdy have gone through all that…but still… competition is tough now…so its hard to survive…now i even don’t like playin DL…cuz no hope of winning…even you know between a 120+level player and a 90level player…high level player can  win with much ease thn  a mid level player…thats what i want to be changed… competing with players of around our level level…so atlst all players should try competing with each other…as for example in every league bottom five players are mid level mostly while top five are greater thn them…why do you think its so?

Just drop to Platinum and Gold Leagues. When you win (or get in top 3) of the Platinum, if you really think you have no chance, then just wait 3 days to drop and then do again over and over. That’s what I’d do, but I ain’t great at leagues lol

How do you manage that? All ninja battles gave me 34 medals… 

It would be nice if the diamond league could have a separate tier for those who already have the 5th star… 

I’m not in this ninja tier very often as I lose trophies before. In new tiers you get medals. Next time I probably won’t get much. Or the 3000-3499 tier is always like that