League record? Please explain

I noticed that the league record was reset yesterday.


How often does this happen?

How on earth can someone get 1 million medals etc? Surely they must be cheating somehow and should be banned but are still existing in game, why?

Hmmmm,I think they play 25hours a day consecutively



The league records are reset approximately every 1,5/2 months.

If you have some decent medal boosts (50% - 25% - 10%), if you earn more than 1000 medals from opponents, if you have enough time to waste, and some gems/vouchers to waste too, you can do it.

However let’s suppose and say you wanna do 1.000.000 medals and you earn 1.000 medals from each raid. 1.000.000/1.000 = 1.000 raids to do in 3 days of course. 1.000/3=  333,3 = 333 raids every day. Since you can’t physically fight 24h/24h unless you are Jack, you will divide your raids during the day, let’s say 6h of sleep? so 24h-6h = 18h of raids. 

You take 3min around each fighting (opening chests in CoF time included). so 18h in minute are 1080minute/3min= 360 raids.


Look 360 is high than 333 this means that you can also sleep more or fight less than 18h per day =)

Haha,good explain,not 25hours needed

I would assume most players setting record have 25% or 50% medal boost.


With 25% boost I earn 1200-1550 medals per raid. Meaning 30K/hr is doable. However, it is a big commitment and would take a lot of gems. However, 1 million medal could be earned in 34hrs of continuous play. Not to mention, you would surely ascend to 50% in that time and cut the required time considerably.


If I wasn’t married I would try it :grinning:

So friends could just cycle accounts  and play 24/3   :stuck_out_tongue:


I can verify this. Some people are NoLifeKings and can spend over days, if not weeks gaming!  ^_^



Top 10 gets 50% medalbonus, that reduces it to a lousy 222 raids. And in top 10, an avarage of 1,1k or 1,2k medals a base is more accurate I believe. The difference may sound small, but it is on such a scale a pretty nice advantage to have.