League Record

I suggest that all league record must be reset in a particular duration , its may 3 month or hardly 4 months.

But in a fixed time so everyone aware of that, and prepare for his record, and earn some more gems.

Dunno about you but if I won diamond I’d be pissed if it was just reset after awhile, since that doesn’t happen often. If that’s what you’re talking about.

That’s why I said give a fixed particular time.

So we all know that when the league record will reset.

If you won a race and got a trophy, would you like to have to give the trophy back in 3 months? Doesn’t matter if you know about it. Actually, this could hurt participation as people wouldn’t try to do well in leagues for the bragging rights. That’s what permanent rewards are for - to prove that you won something. There’s literally no point in taking that away.

Good point by @QuantumApocalypse, but I know a way to make this suggestion fit into both of you guys’ points! We have the league records reset to give other players a chance to get it early on while having a leaderboard of the best scores in each league, along with a personal high score board for each league! I think this would make players who are interested in statistics, play more for the leagues! Great suggestion by both of you, really hope this gets into the game!

@AwesomestKnightest I still don’t know what the problem is. New players already can and do dominate the leagues thanks to low food costs per battle and free refill of the solo on level up. The leagues themselves restart every day/few days. If you’re talking about the people that get up to and stay at a certain league… that doesn’t really happen because the rewards for anything but moving up are shite and then you have to deal with a more difficult league. So why camp one for only a few gems per day?

As for the scoreboard per league, I don’t really care about the high scores for anyone else. Seeing my own high score for leagues in general would be cool I guess but nothing more than something to look at once, since I rarely go for never mind achieve that much. I just want to show that I won at least platinum. Anything else doesn’t really matter to me, personally.

Well, then maybe just add the personal leaderboard for each league, and then have gem rewards based on your score when you beat your best! This would be especially useful in cases where you bust your butt to win a league, do way better then you’ve ever done, and yet, still get second or third. The prizes, which could introduce new “League Chests”, would differ according to which league you beat your score in

That’d be fine, though I wouldn’t get much out of it since I do the leagues rarely and I never try to beat my top. But if it helps someone, sure.

Yeah , right

But already in game the records reset after some time may be 8-9 months ,when it goes high for long time

I m asking for fixed it , 3month is short duration soo make it for 6 months 

This idea click on my mind , when i left hardly 16 - 18 hour left in my league , and i saw that record reset. 

Otherwise I’ll sit easily and win with 15-20k