League statue. Will it go away if I get demoted?

Ok so I started playing last week and I’ve been fairly successful due to my experience with the first Royal Revolt game. I’m currently in the gold league and have the gold statue. What happens if I get demoted? Do i lose the gold statue?

Why don’t you find out

I’m at first place currently in Platinum League with a day and a half to go, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Every Gold Statue you win in Leagues belongs to you, for ever.

You shut be a lucky Guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks for the reply. I just want the statues for bragging rights is all. My next goal is to beat the League Record on Platinum. :slight_smile:


I’m at 40k medals at 1 day and 9 hours left (I’ll probably sleep like 12 hours on this). I think I can beat it by a lot, hehehe. Love these video features that lets me raid all the time. Is this a glitch or part of the game? I hope I’m not abusing it too much. I just do the offers whenever they appear. Not sure what causes them to appear. 


My friend told me to push for these leagues early because medals are so much easier to get at low levels and he’s so right. Making 700-800 medals and outpacing everyone by 3-4x is awesome. :slight_smile:

I make with matchmaker per fight 1000 - 1400 Medals, without matchmaker almost 600 bis 900.

I meant the stars, lol. Those pretty much are like the statues right? They don’t go away even if you’re demoted? 

No they stay. Don’t worry! But you will rise the leaderboards fast the way your going resulting in less medals so if you want a record I would go for it early. It will cost you a lot of gems though.

So far it’s cost me 1.4k gems so far to get 50k medals (record at Platinum atm is 62k) with about 22 hours remaining. I’ll just cruise it easy for now because playing for 10 hours in a row isn’t healthy… I know someone will eventually beat my record in a day or two, but at least I know the experience. :slight_smile:


My strategy is pretty much to use no more than 2 apocalypse spell when dealing with 800 medal or more targets and go for 500 medals on average targets that I can trample easily without any spells.


I am a fairly weak TR 7 that only focused on upgrading the troops that I use on offense so my medal/trophy count isn’t negatively affected as much.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but i cannot get more than 350 medals without Scrolls at all…

What is a TR7?

(TR) = throne room. 


I only started this game last week but I have been a huge fan of the first game and 100% cleared it. My friend told me to start the league pushing very early because it only gets MUCH MUCH harder for higher level king and trophy counts. I took his advice to heart and I’ve been really successful with the league pushes so far with minimal gem use and amazing medal counts per win. 


My king atm is level 44 and I’ve been attacking TR 8 and above people with Skull Towers and Mortars. They are difficult bases but of course the Apocalypse and Portal Scrolls make it easy. I upgraded my Fire Storm, Blizzard, and Sword Rain to the highest levels I can and only upgraded my Paladins, Pyros, Cannons, Arblasters and went down to dungeon to get the Ogre to level 4 and Gargoyle to level 3.


I already beat the record on Platinum League a few minutes ago. Still have over 15 hours remaining (I’ll sleep for about 6-7 of them). Hopefully I can get to 75-80k so the record can stand for a long while, lower my trophy count a bit and prepare myself for the Diamond Leagues. 

I’m not fully sure how the medal “league record” works. So right now in my diamond league the league record is 100,000 medals and he got 2000 gems reward. However 3 days ago in another diamond league Hsmk set a record of 330,000 medals and got 9000 gems for this.


If anyone can inform me why this is, it would be appreciated.

Hmmm, interesting… I’ll let you guys know ASAP what reward I get when I break the record tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t wake up tomorrow and get surprised that there’s a new record and it’s higher than what I currently have. 


Right now it says the Platinum League record holder is “viet nam vo doi” with 62,159 medals and prize of 1,554 gems for beating the record. I’m looking forward to that loot and hopefully I get more (lol pretty much refund of 80% of what I just spent to get here). :wink:


If anyone else is in Platinum League atm, can you tell us if it’s the same guy you see as the record holder?

Wait what? You spent 1.4k gems?

Yup, mostly scroll cost and Resurrects. I was getting my food mostly from tapjoy videos. If I run out, I would just turn off the game and come back within an hour or so, and I get another set of videos for food. 

Here’s how much I got after the tournament. I spent about 1.6k total, so I got about 100 more diamonds which was quite charitable! I’m starting to think there’s different brackets of records depending on the trophy range maybe? Coz when I went into the Diamond League today, it only shows the record is 100k which I can beat easily with the extra day… <_<


I’ve been hovering around the 1.6k-2k trophy range.