How about making the league in sort ,


For instance by level, all the players in that particular league have the same level…

                      by trophies, all the players in that particular league have the same trophies…


Its just that i always lose in many leagues, because the one always in the top is the one which is

3 times stronger than me,   What do you think??

In theory it’s good but it will never happen. Simply because the game doesn’t have that amount of traffic.


Let’s face it most tripples A’s can’t even get that right. Just not enough numbers

I would be real embarrassing to lose to someone with the same level and trophies, but it should be somewhat like it, I’m really sick of going against someone from vanguard legion for the third time

maybe you guys should try losing some leagues and fight in a lower division. diamond and platinum should be saved for when u have max silo and farms or you wont have much of a chance. even if your able to get more medals per raid they will be able to do more raids overall which will probably result in more overall medals too



One thing to keep in mind is that currently much lower level players can also “easily” win a league with lots of higher level players - in fact that happens to me every now and then (where I am the much stronger player that loses against some low level player).


Let me explain why:

Leagues are about medals, which can be gained by attacks. The stronger* the base you attack, and the weaker* your own attack value is, the more medals you can gain from that attack if you win. Also, more attacks = more medals.

Thus, by spending gems for scrolls or food and/or watching free food videos, players can increase their medal gain dramatically (given, they use enough gems/videos), no matter whether they are high or low level players.

Sure, a weaker* player gets on average less medals per attack, but with decent raiding skills they can also win attacks on slightly stronger* players easily, while players high up in leaderboard might even have to scroll on same-level players to get a 100%. Also, as already often mentioned, lower players need less bread per attack and thus can do more attacks when levelling up their farms properly.


Currently, I have an account with lvl 80 king, relatively good equipment (all gold/legendary items) and almost-max spells at about 3800-3900 trophies. And I’d say my raiding skills are decent, too. Though, recently I often struggle with bases giving me like 300-400 medals. On the other hand, I have access to an account with lvl 60 or so king that has a lot weaker gear (blue, purple, gold, some quite outdated) and by far lower spells, and also by far lower troop levels, and that account currently is around 2300 trophies. On that account, I can win most battles against enemies that give me 300-400 trophies or even a bit more although I am less comfortable with the device and not familiar with that hero stats and troop combinations (thus, my “raiding strength / skills” on that account are definitely not better than on my account, but rather worse). Also, the owner of that account has definitely worse raiding skills than me, but still wins more diamond league tournaments than me in recent weeks (without using any gems on scrolls or food either).


When I was at that level (and also a lot weaker than now, of course) myself, I also won a lot more diamond leagues than now, by the way.


The reason why some high level players win their leagues may be they invest gems in food. Not everyone, of course, but some definitely do that. Especially all those high or elite level players breaking league records all buy tons of food for that and spend many, many hours with raiding dozens hundreds of times. So it is not like they just accomplish all that easily without effort.

Also, e.g. Vanguard Legion is known for having players that spend tons of gems, not just on food but on the actual attacks. I have heard of some spending like 50 gems per attack for scrolls even on relatively easy bases… when these guys manage to win their league, I guess their reward is a lot less than their cost to do so. (@Vanguard Legion: No offense intended here, just saying.)


(*) One note on “strength”: The actual strength of a base or player and the strength that the matchmaking/loot computation system assumes is not the same. And in fact these two “values” can differ a lot!

E.g. players with more trophies are thought to be stronger, lower trophy players weaker. Also, rather than judging the actual strength, the “success based” strength is judged (e.g. outcome of recent battles).

I notice this a lot recently, when getting opponents from matchmaking that have way stronger bases than me. I can barely beat those (or not beat them at all), even with decent attack skills and strategies, as they have all highlevel or max lvl towers and more moral points in their waves than me, while my towers are much lower and the main difficulty of my base usually lies in a clever layout and troop combination.

If I still win those bases (due to them having a bad layout, or due to me being a great attacker, or both), then I just raise up further in trophies and also am seen even stronger from the matchmaking system (higher trophies + success in raid), despite I am not stronger at all. This lowers the amount of medals I gain for hard enemies and lowers my chances for successful raiding.

Just to give you an example of what this means: Recently I raided a base with all max level towers, max level troops/monsters, very high level troop waves, some elite boosts, 1000 more trophies than me, but a very bad layout. I managed to get something between 65-70% in that base (running out of time at the gate, but with 33% to 50% of gate health down). Still, I lost like 5 trophies or so, and got only around 300 medals. In comparison, my towers have on average maybe lvl 3-4, those towers were on average lvl 9 (max lvl). With a proper layout I wouldn’t have had any chance at all and probably have needed like 6 scrolls/resurrects to get to the gate. Still the loot system decided that me almost bringing down the gate (and killing like everything else in that base) wasn’t worth any trophies, even was worth a loss in trophies for my “bad raid”. I think that tells a lot…

Maybe you still remember top players complaining about trophy stripping where other players with 1k less trophies got like +50 trophies for worse results?

In other words, actual strength + skill + success are thrown together for the matchmaking algorithm, making my life harder due to my recent success, and making it easier for players with less skills and thus recent failure.

@ heroesflorian I too have noticed this all the time when I raid for a long time(800 food silo and full farms) if I win the first 2-3 raids im pretty well guaranteed to lose the next 1-2 even if I try to look for new opponents cuz they will be setting me up with fights for like 500 trophies instead of my comfy 250-350. but after I lose those it will start giving me my more “comfy” raids again


do you know if this portion of the algorithm resets after some time? (without raiding)

being that it is definitely using very recent matchs

I cry every time I join a league 3 times and all had someone in vanguard and then now I have someone in SK: United Realms, can someone guess whats next, find out next on, whhhyyyyy!!!, starring the people that always beat me in leagues

atlas try out a different time for starting your league.

at different times more or less top players aee online.

that’s exactly what I do, 40 players in the top leagues and the players are really active so there must be a low probability of not running into any of them in leagues

just give up tough league and put your effort in the next one , I’ve faced alvernod twice in the last three league and settle for 2nd place right away.


Once you’ve grown stronger you’ll be able to win 8/10 diamond league sometimes 10 in a row cuz you’re able to beat tougher base with better medals.Don’t forget to upgrade your farm/silo , make it a priority to max them out and you’ll have a lot of raids to do every 2.5 hours.

If you see any top 50 players in your current league.

Forget about winning  it.

Go have some fun with other things in life.

Ugh fiiiiiine



I think your right… I became top  1 ago in Platinum League, in just a matter of hour before the end of the league, a level 45 king topped the league, and wola! i loose again :slightly_frowning_face:

I had this one time. where i just got joined the league and i saw a player weighing 5000+ trophies ,in the lead with 10,000 medals ,which is amazing lol :slight_smile:

yah ur right i also experienced this, where in I fight 1 player 2 times and i won, then after 3rd try I got defeated :slight_smile:

@ vince

are u saying u battled the same guy 3 times in a row? his defence would not change between raids…

me and heroesflorian are talking about the matchmaking algorithm (when using the 2 crossed swords button to find a worthy opponent)

They’ve done that, well at least for ME. but occasionally I’m in a league with lower ranked players…