Leagues are Broken for Mid-level Players


The league system with the removal of repeat dungeons is total BS for mid level players.  I’d have to play 5x as much as a low level player in order to beat them, and it’s literally impossible for me to compete with high level players.

I played a lot the past 2 days, so I finally crawled out of Bronze/Silver.  Here’s my current gold league, I’ve added the levels of the players at the top.  Notice a pattern here?  That’s 36 fights (7200 food) in 16 hrs for me to match that.

and one my wife is in, this one has 9 hrs left, only 99 fights (10000 food) in 15 hrs to grab the top spot here:

Here’s a diamond league for someone in my alliance:

I’m lvl 85, and I get 32 medals per fight.  At 32 per fight that’s only 21747 fights for me. But of course I’d use a token, so it would only be 10874 fights.  We’ll assume I’m really dedicated to this, so I have 100% medal gear, so only 5437 fights.  At 4 minutes per fight including treasure chamber and load time, that’s only 15 days of continuous fighting. Seems fair.

You may say “why should you expect to beat high level players?  They have played more than you, and therefore deserve to beat you!”  I would say that seems like not a contest at all.  What are leagues supposed to measure?  How good you are?  Nope, the easiest base I can beat and the hardest base I can beat are both worth 32 medals.  How many fights you can do?  Nope, I can fight 10x as much and still handily lose.

But fine, let’s say I accept that having played the game longer grants you the right to just trample lower level players in leagues without trying.  Then, why do low level players get 5x as many medals as I do?


I have to agree with that assessment - I’m in a similar position at lvl 102. Not a sniff of rising up to gold even if I played a ton all day. The range of players I can beat is extremely slim and again grants 30 ish medals as standard. I’ll never have means to earn the huge medals as that requires mega forging (to troops/powers)  which takes years to be honest, nothing to do with max lvls, so I’m not really sure why someone would want to start now anyway with no way to narrow the gap. (very similar to OR oddessy buff)

I think Flare like to ‘encourage’ the new starts and give the elite gamers a reason to keep playing , but the vast majority in the middle will be earning +30 medals per battle, and get annoyed.



They don’t deserve to beat you and they don’t have the right to anything that you don’t have as well.


They just spent more time developing their account and their skills so they’re able to defeat opponents that are worth more medals. That’s it.


This game requires time to achive certain things. If you do not have the necessary patience to wait, you can buy gems and spend them to reduce the time it takes to achieve those things.

What this means is that, if you wish to do so, you can pick a top10 opponent and spend however many scrolls to beat him and get 1000+ medals this way. If you don’t have the patience to do it without scrolls, you can use scrolls. The game allows you to do this.


I don’t think it’s realistic that you demand to compete eye to eye with someone that already spent the time to develop their account. You are not entitled to that, but you certainly can put in the work, nobody is stopping you from grinding it out (like everybody else does and everybody did before you).

This is what equal opportunity is all about.


Do you think it’d be fair to have a 700 trophy player have the same chance to win the Diamond League as a pro top player with 5k+ trophies? Of course not! As ARREBIMBA said, players who have developed their skills and stats in the game should get the advantage. Top players face the hardest bases and so they get more medals per attack. That’s it. I can’t stand that I can’t win the Diamond League, but it gives me motivation to move up and become like those players who are beating me!


Here’s a guide on how to win leagues easily.


Raise your trophies up to 5k. You can do so by clicking the bottom left corner where you can buy gems. From there, buy the biggest gem package 5 times. 


Then, proceed to max all towers and buildings if you haven’t already done so. Make a decent base. Make sure all towers are at a minimum of 50 forges per tower. Make sure all obstacles are also at 50 forges.


Max all necessary buildings to make yourself valuable, then start forging your war gear to reach 30% skull perk (use the gems you bought to skip cooldown). Once this is done, most level 80 alliances should welcome you. Join one to get some max level boosts.


Once you’ve done that, fill your treasury to max. You can do it with gems if you don’t have time to raid. Once it’s full, players your level will be more inclined at attack you. Watch your trophies level go up.


Login from time to time to fill your treasury back to full to make sure players keep attacking you to raise your trophies.


You’ll reach 5k trophies or close to it really really fast. When that happens, click on auto match and see you will be getting much better medals per fight.


Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend money, you can do all the above steps in one year’s time by completing all events, i.e Ninja event and war and conquest.




Say what you will, but as it currently stands, the league and medal system is completely and utterly broken. Winning (higher) leagues is now an exclusive right for an overall small percentage of players who are high enough level to beat top player bases. You can tell us about attacking higher ranked bases all you want, it will still only work for a select number of players. The majority is just screwed since dungeons were closed. Even using farm and medal tokens won’t fix that, the system is just too much out of balance. Period.


I say stick everyone already with 5 stars into the same leagues- 4 stars into the same league etc, etc, that way you get to fight within your ability range, without handicap.

The suggestion above about upgrading everything to compete with players that have played 5-6 years is utter garbage to be honest, just elitism. The very small % keep getting the rewards over and over. 

It’s so not about max lvl powers/troops which in themselves take time. It’s ultimately about forging of powers and troops to beat those high lvl bases. The time/gems/cost to get even get 10% on a top base for a mid lvl player is literally an impossibility, but this is just the result of a game having been going so long.  38 base obstacles to upgrade…



royal revolt 2 please increase the no. of tokens got by a medium level player



It’s not a right.

Those players that you’re talking about started at lvl1, just like everybody else. Just like you.

They don’t have the right to beat you and you don’t have the right to beat them as well.

This is a competition. Everybody has the same opportunity to win and whoever scores the most, wins.


edit: the process described by @LacunaC really works. I know players that have done something similar to that.

And they happen to be very skilled too.


A competition implies there is a general challenge which could be won or lost, but as the original post demonstrated mathematically, it’s almost an impossibility for him to win ever; thus I don’t see this as a competition by definition.  Time played in the game contributes much to the winning of the leagues. Either very little or very much you have a substantially increased chance as @Entropy42has shown clearly. 

I did provide a solution that the leagues should be divided by how many stars you actually have. Then you have a competition, the issue is could you handle the competition being equal (ish).


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Oh, I absolutely agree with you that time played is a major factor regarding a player’s overall strength and competence.

And that’s exactly my point. Nobody has the right to beat you, but everybody has the right to invest the effort and/or money necessary to evolve their account to whatever stage they desire.


Exactly! Top players SHOULD be beating the lower level players in leagues. It’d be unfair to them if they were given the same opportunity to win. Lower level players face easier bases and therefore - less medals. All it does is give you the motivation to move up


Hi Entropy42,

The way you are describing it sounds like the system is supposed to work.

The players at the top will lose trophies very fast because they have to fight harder to stay at the top. In the beginning of the game, you earn trophies easier, than in the middle. The game itself is easier there and you can faster make progress but you also don’t get high rewards. The more you progress the harder it will get. At the top fights should be the hardest and mistakes will be punished severely. But the rewards are the best.

In general, the trophy system is very delicate, we do not intend to make big changes here, as some very small changes can have a huge impact on the game, also on things and edge cases that are not easy to foresee, possibly also breaking other things, that are not related to the trophy system.


at least be lucky Gold and Diamond still work right now. Bronze and Silver are totally dead since over 6 month with all 0




@Madlen - you missed the point - it is not about trophies, but about medals, the fact that at my lvl 3k trophy range - max possible is 34 medals, while at 5k lvl is about 500 medals, a large disparity, there is no way to compete. Also at very low lvl there are disproportionately high MEDALS won for battles compared to the vast majority in the middle.


@Warriornator, Gold and Silver give out the lowest rewards and that’s why we don’t see much participation on that part. Easy gems for those of us who try to win any and every league :slight_smile:  


Medals depend of how hard the base is. So if a middle get only 34 its because he fight only easy base. I don’t see any problem here. If you want to win get base that give 200-300 or 400 medals. Medals = difficulty of the base. More medals = more hard base




In this case double or triple the number of gems rewards. Will make League more interesting and more alive


She didn’t really miss the point because it is about trophies in a way. You get more medals for the trophy range you are in. Lower level players get more at the first few hundred trophies because they don’t really have the hang of the game yet. It’s just a way to boost them up at the beggining of their careers. A few easy gems to spend

You said this though:  the fact that at my lvl 3k trophy range - max possible is 34 medals, while at 5k lvl is about 500 medals, a large disparity, there is no way to compete

This is the way it is supposed to work. Harder bases = more medals. It’s a good system. At the 3k trophy range we aren’t really facing bases that are too hard compared to bases that top players are fighting against


I get that, but it is somewhat relative and grossly disproportionate except at very low lvl/high lvl.  How many medals for a standard fight at your own trophy lvl? Probably not much more than 40? Yet your only a couple of thousand off the top, who actually get about 1k medals per fight as standard.

There is clearly an equation in the background that gives a multiplier at higher lvls (and lower lvls) but is not applied in the middle.