Leagues for players

Hey @ CaptainMorgan

Due to the large number of buffs in the top 10 and super things, it became impossible for other players to win them on a normal map. This has led to an even greater imbalance.
I propose to create the same League for the players. Players can only attack players from their own leagues in which their alliances are located.
That’ll level things up a bit. Let the tops fight among themselves, and we, the usual players among themselves.

Entirely locking matchmaking into leagues would have unintended consequences (and what would you do with players who aren’t in an alliance?), but I think having a tendency towards drawing players in your own league would be interesting if it worked. 

for me the best solution is to seriously redistribute the super blessings of war and avoid giving the same players the 2 deadly combos " phalanx wall + gate of chaos" & “blessed caron + super blessed sirens”


I still do not understand why level 125 Ascenion players are getting 15 trophies from attacking players from gods of leagues or lower leagues.

But when I defeat such oppponents ,I still gat like what 3 trophies.Even though they are very high plus have chaos gate blessing too???

@CaptainMorgan care to explain why so much favorisim towards league of titans players.While other’s interest are neglected.

To create a League for players to distribute players to leagues in accordance with their unions. Each League will have its own rating of players in cups. Top 100 best in each League will get 5 Titan points and so on. 
Not one rating in which to get a new player is unrealistic.

This is what I am talking about @vasudeva1 @Philstar 

Game is biased towards new players and players from lower leagues.

Why the hell I am still getting hits from this players from league’s of Titan for maximum.

First of all these guys have older acconuts than me,Secondly they have all max blessings still when I find them on maps.

I dtill get three trophies for 100% compketion without any gems.

These guys are not doing 100% !!!

@CaptainMorgan do not kill passion for the game and what proof do you want?

I have no idea why players from the leagues of titan have complete monopoly in the game.

I am tired of this feature.Keep doing this and I have no choice but to leave the game.

Seriously I prefer games that reward players that spend time on game and not those who do not play the game(Steal trophies from low level players,new accounts,players from lower leagues)


If you are an active player, half of your heroes will be sitting on Olympus the next morning

You’re in first place in league of Gods and you’ll probably be in league of titans next season. Do you still get to complain about league of titans then? Btw, you have more blessings than Texas blood forged. 

here is the classic speech of the selfish person who does not care about improving the game for everyone, but only his personal advantage


Isn’t holydivine the kind of player you hate? Shouldn’t he go play in a low level alliance with no super powered blessings? Next war he will have the unbeatable combinations of Charon and siren + phalanx wall and chaos gate. 

Show some consistency. 

hate ? you’re not good boy, it’s one thing to ask for equity what I do and other players, to hate is something else, I understand that you have no arguments, but try to maintain a minimum level of honesty

Ok, aren’t you a complete hypocrite, though?

@HOLYDIVINEI get the point about higher lvl (semi lazy) players not getting 100% on your base but getting a large proportion of trophies should be looked at IMHO (you have more blessings that I can shake a stick at, except for chaos gate).  And the league idea (as a 3rd factor to use as an enemy map maker) that @dumpster put out several days ago is well worth the devs implementing for ‘trophy fairness’.  But I don’t think this could be 100% the factor used, as the top, top players would have almost no opponents to fight - most are in the same alliances - so as you can’t fight any of your team mates reduces the variety which leads to stagnation and boredom. It could be done with a larger player base which takes time…


I hypocrite? you have for a year when with the old system you always met “gods of war” and “red squadron” losing all the wars, now that if you go wrong you meet them once every 6 weeks say that everything is ok. You cried by saying that the defenses were too weak when with the old system all the alliance had the chance to take good blessings of war and now that the defenses remained the same but you have all the blessings that exist you say it’s okay. With all this I would be hypocrite?  read what you write before publishing it

You’ve got nothing, got it  good to know 


It can’t be 100% league based. It would break the whole system in 3 weeks. If anyone thinks it’s bad now, that would be way worse. 

The solution is actually to have a larger number of divisions, titan league should have 8 alliances not 12 -(this would means every alliance fights every other alliance once and once only (3 enemies conquest+ 1 enemy confrontation +1 other one v one + 2 incursion= 7 enemies+1 (your own alliance =8 alliances total).

2nd league should have 14 teams (so 50% chance of drawing the ‘best alliance’)

3rd league 21 teams (33% chance of drawing best teams)

Lower leagues # not so important as it’s more balanced the lower you go - but difference between transition at the moment between top leagues is a lot.

wrong thread, sorry

My friend why do you think we were forced to buy those blessings.

Simple I grown tired of the system which pits weak opponents aginst powerful system.

I bought those blessings si that I can play the game on equal terms with old accounts.

As my map is filled with opponents who are 20+ level above me.

Honestly speaking I dumpster will not promote my team to leagues of Titans as I don’t want my teamates to abandon the game when they will be forced to fight high level acconuts level 131 (that are playeing the game super forged items which has made thier Gatekeeper unkillable)

Red squadron, God’s of wars,cccp, that texas teams. No thanks already some of team members have lost faith in the game.

You just merged 2 teams, right? Why did you do that if you’re not trying to compete? You’re stronger than at least 2 or 3 teams in Titan league.

im still trying to wrap my head around this. If you don’t want to be promoted to Titan league, don’t merge and don’t buy blessings. It’s like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer and complaining about your headache. 

And without a doubt you can build an impossible GK with current forging. You just need to know what you’re doing. They’re tougher now because @CaptainMorgan and @Chris made them more broken a month ago when they were trying to fix them.