Could some one help with a few things on leagues? Thanks in advance.

In your experience, about how many medals does it take to win each league?

Any strategies for winning them? What is the best way to get trophies?

Is 23k trophies enough to win diamond? :confused:

Thanks again.

1- It’s not possible to have 23k trophies in the game, I guess you meant 2300.

2- The best way to get trophies is to raid open bases, but I don’t recommend you to do that, because open bases give the minimal amount of medals you can get

3- We can’t infer some amount of medals needed to win each league because they usually change a lot. For example, the only time I won Diamong League I did it with 32k medals, but I’ve seen many times how a player wins that league with 40k, 50k, 60k, 70k and even 100k medals. But I think Bronze, Silver and Gold League usually don’t reach 10k medals and Platinum doesn’t need to get close to 20k (but I gotta say I haven’t been in those leagues from a long time ago).

4- Strategies? Use your fav list to save players who you can raid at 100% and give you a lot of medals at the same time.

In the wikia there’s an useful article that helps to win the Diamond League: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/The_Fifth_Star_%E2%80%93_Winning_Diamond_League

I guess he meant 23k medals XD

LOL. Ya I meant 23k medals. Probably the worst typo ever.


I have always done the player list strategy, but it is very food inefficient and I’m on the windows phone (no tapjoy etc.).


Also, my luck must be pretty bad then. I started the league at midnight (I thought that might help me escape the good players) and had to go to 15k from bronze to gold to get first place and had to go to 20k to win platinum XD. I gave up on diamond though. After I woke up, (the league started at like 1 AM) some guy already had 30k trophies.


Is there any possible way for a windows phone user to get past around 50k medals anyways (for windows users like me)? (without the use of gems)


Because I have about 700 vouchers

Silo can hold 370

Food refill costs about 28 vouchers give or take a few

Farms produce 320 food (or 280?) ~ every 4 hours

An attack costs ~ 90 food and yields around 125 medals

Diamond lasts 3 days.


So assuming I started with full farms and full silo, I would have 690 food, which would give about 7 attacks and yield 875 medals with 60 food left over.

Each time I refill my silo completely I get 4 attacks. So ~500 medals per voucher refill.

700/28 is 25


3 days = 72 hours. 72/4(time it takes for farms to refill) is 16 full farms within the time of a diamond league. (can’t have 18 because the 18th would be collected as the league ends; first farm collection is counted in the first calculation.)

{17 (full farms) * [320(food produced) / 90(cost per attack)]} * 125(medals earned per attack) ~ 7.555k medals


So 12.5k + 7.5k + .875k = 20.875k medals or 20,875 medals  (For some reason I just like doing things in terms of a thousand).

And that is assuming if you are awake for each and every 4 hours or so of perfect timing of when to collect your farms and that you have 700 vouchers to spend on the league. And this is just for diamond. What about bronze, silver, gold, and platinum? By estimation winning each league would need 71k medals (Bronze, silver, and gold would each cost 8k medals (24k), platinum would cost 15k, and diamond 32k).


My math could be off a little, and I DO use a slightly more efficient way (but not much more efficient; it yields maybe 200-300 more medals per full silo), but in cases like this, how could somebody like me, (a windows phone user,) win leagues often?


Again, I could be wrong with a few numbers because I forgot to consider some factors, and I am pretty noob compared to most of you.

If other windows users aren’t having this trouble like I am, please tell me what you do ;-; .

BTW kudos if you read the whole thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Have all the possible way to save bread is the first thing, so for example is always better upgrade farms (start upgrade your farm when war is finished) so you can ensure bread more often = less time to wait = more raids. However the voucher trick to buy food is pretty expensive unless you don’t have lot of voucher-friends and also voucher-friends that buy packages because if a voucher-friend buy a gem package you’ll receive lot of vouchers. And spend gems to buy food is even more expensive XD


Then there is the Medal Bonus to take in consideration but it’s more for very high players where from what i can see, only having a top alliance you can enter in that medal leaderboard. Already have 5% every time is pretty good, because they are always more medals that you’ll do than other people that can’t take advantage of this medal bonus.

Moreover the statistics in my mind say that the Medal Bonus is going very far every time…i mean when few month ago with around 4300 trophies you could have 5% medal boost, now you must have more than 5000 trophies to get 5%, hilarious XD The reason could be that either rr2 grow up with players or long-term player grow up xD I think more the second option

Thanks for the help on my previous question! :wink:


But I have a quick one that I don’t want to make a thread for :stuck_out_tongue:


I currently have around 1.1k trophies and am level 30 and have a level 5 town hall. Is that a bit too many trophies? Should I set an open base and drop down a little?


Thanks in advance.

I never made an open base in my life (unless for video tutorial XD) and i never got big problems. Yes you could decrease your trophies…but…your 1.1k is pretty low, no sense to go down further more also because i don’t think you’ll find big difference in league ^^

I ll give u a very short answer.

So many calculations are not needed.

One thing u need are good lvl farms. Not very high lvl but say ur one farm produces more than ur one raid. Nd u will need to not waste food even during night.

Second u need some spare vouchers that u can use to refill 2-5 times (esp in the end)

Third, u can only win when u r doing 500+ medal bases consistently, preferably higher say 700-900(if there is a tough competitor).

Lastly, Lead is very important. U need to imply that u r there to win!

do it when u r free for 3 days :stuck_out_tongue:

Minimum medals for diamond league nowadays are 50k medals.700vouchers is a bit less if u don’t use gems.normally I would see who is the player in my league.if I meet those top500 I would wait for another round cox per raid they can get is around 1k medals,their entire league capped medals is at 70k.do u think u can overcome this 70k medals in 3days?

Hmmm would it be a good strategy to lay low and let the leader feel comfortable (around like 20k medals) and then start grinding one or two hours before the league ends?

@Phage I know D:

The leader will monitor lol,especially last few hours.if u want to win,either u win by starting,example by winning at the beginning around 20k medals,that is what I do to get the diamond league trophy

i am a windows player, and i know

one day i will win the final league

Ahhhh… New years resolutions… They exist to be broken…

That is an effective strategy Snape but only if the leader forgets to look!

I lost my last diamond league by just 1k medals! Hurt like a bitch because with 90 mins to go i had 10k medal lead. And I decided I ll check 30 mins later. But I forgot nd logged in 60 mins later. I had 70k at that time nd he was at 69.5k

So I went straight to raiding! By the mid of my raid it showed “u hv lost the lead”. Which is the notification I received in the middle of my every raid till I failed in pressure! Reason being I was still lagging behind. He had found some good bases of 800+ medals without boosts nd my best guy was online!! So i was stuck to doing 650 medal bases with ogre nd wolf boosts! Very frustrating in pressure as my alliance doesn’t boost them yet! So even after 3 days of grinding nd 74k medals, I still came second. Had my heart racing in those last 30 mins, when I knew he ll be receiving the same message in the middle of his raid. Exciting, yes but losing this way was just bad!

Would be good if Windows players also had in game notifications too. Instead wasting time manually checking league.

it is possible easily

You can do it! I’m a Windows player too and I once won Diamond League  :slight_smile: