Learned my lesson :/

Was gone from the game for a period of time and came back to this:



Hey 11 gems is 11 gems lol :slight_smile:

Same. Except I lost 1.2mil and got 0 gems -_-

1.2M is total of all raids I guess. 500K is max loss as far as I know per battle.


Previous war season I lost 500K once while leaving 2M in treasure chest, thinking it would be safe guarded by elite blaster, tough barricade and holy paladins. A couple of days this was indeed the case, sometimes left even more than 3M and didn’t get attacked at all, only by alliances in war and even then only a few times.


But that time I learned a valuable lesson after leaving for 20 minutes… You know the rest, got attacked by a very strong player and lost 500K. Okay, 500K is collected by a few battles, so it’s only loot.

50 battles? You’re effing with me…


i had 4 mil in my account all day yesterday and got hit maybe 6 times.


This an old picture and my knowledge was very limited then. I know, embarrassing. I have come a long way :slight_smile:

My gold was simply from taverns -_-

I had a time when I logged in after 2 months of not playing (although I did go inactive after 2 weeks) and found 113 battles, 23 gems, and 2.3 million gold stolen. I was surprised at how much gold had been stolen at first, because I was only half a million over. Then I realized it was all stolen from the taverns :lol: