Leave things to a vote! Let the players decide

Flare, you have some great coders, but there are some thing you come up with that just don’t make sense (not that I’m innocent in that arena either


  • We need to stop punishing high-level players. It discourages players from raiding.


A. Stop increasing the price of food

B. Make skull count based on something other than level, like total level of your permanent buildings (waves, farms, etc).

C. Increase your HP and Atk (of king, troops, and towers) by 1% per level. This would make it so that, as long as you’re attacking people your own level, there’s really no effect.

Then, consult the players. Ask us which ideas we want implemented, and which ideas would p*** us off. Personally, in this scenario, I only like ideas B C. I feel like the high food cost, coupled with less gold, helps protect lower-level players from predators. Makes it so that we have to attack a few strong opponents, rather than being able to attack a few weak opponents.

Then, list out the pros and cons for people to debate. And after a day or two, you’d know that only ideas B C are wanted. Or whatever. The point is, you’d know what to do before you start coding.