Legacy of Us: Recruiting now!

Legacy of Us is recruiting now! Headed by friendly and talkative people, we are looking for you – if you happen to:

  • Donate 10k or more daily – which means your average must be 10k or more. If you, say, donate 50k but only have time to play once every 5 days, that is A-Ok with us! However, we do expect you to donate if you are online.
  • Have at least 800 trophies – which means you did not just start playing yesterday, so you actually know what you are doing and have some dedication to the game.
  • Have time for a bit of a chat every now and again – which means we like to talk.
  • Have a good sense of humor – which means to laugh when we do.
  • Refrain from using bad language – which means simply to behave in the chat.
  • And can participate in alliance wars* – which means scoring at least 3 raids in every war, unless we instruct you otherwise.


*If you did not participate in the wars, you must give us a reasonable excuse, or you will be shown the door. Reasonable excuses include: you are upgrading all four farms simultaneously (please don’t do that!), you were sick, your phone went dead and had to be sent to the ER, you went on a vacation, or you were too busy with your job . If you are AWOL (not participating in alliance wars, not responding in the chat, not donating, and did not contact the leaders with your excuse), you will be given the boot, and an invite sent out after you.


Third-time offenders will not be readmitted.

Clap clap clap