Legend gears

Probably the worst thing happened in the game so far. Used to get ALOT of good gears in the chamber of fortune, specially after filling up my treasure chamber, while now all I get is ridiculous amount of pearls… sometimes food or gems and very rare times I get gears, still AWFUL ones… I’m almost lvl 76 and not really sure how am I supposed to proceed in the game with gears from lvl 70 or even before. How am I supposed to get legend gears? Sometimes I get granny offers, but they are dam expensive specially now with the alliance tower and needing the gems there :/ 

I really hope the chamber of fortune gets back, since gears > food and gems, even if you are giving 60-70 gems, they are useless due to the fact that you need to open 3 boxes to get the highest amount of loot\gems, since the 1st and 2nd boxes always give you stupid stuff. 

To get gears you are suppose to buy them with real money from the granny.

Well that was not the case before the update… It used to be balanced for all players, I mean if I need real money to buy gears, gems, pearl or even donate, this means all free players should simply leave the game cuz this is just ridiculous. I used to get at least 1 or 2 REALLY GOOD gears with the 3 days shield while now 0 gears. 

My friend [almost] got a Legendary Cape today. Well, almost anyway. Should’ve been worth hundreds of Gems. Chances of getting are pretty slim, but not zero. Guess we have to max out our luck…

I still think the game is pretty fair for free players as well some money should be deserved by Flaregames too. I like the Balance, thumbs up!

What level are you Ronny? And are you a free player? 

This reminds me my story…

I filled all up the chamber, and got some gears

Next day I bought 1 week shield for further farming and upgrades…

and all I saw was pearls… 

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Well first of all granny sales aren’t expensive at all , most of them time you can get gears that cost you gems of one diamond league 1st place finish (except for sword and armor) 2nd is you can survive with level 70 gears up to level 80 , I’m still using level 70 gears except armor+sword and gone up to 4.3k trophies (top 150) before finding it too difficult and drop back a little bit.


Agree with Ronny , Flare gave a lot to free players.Some even survive till level 80 without spending a single dollar.A lot of free players now in level 70+ but the problem is they cant have their base up as fast as paying customer.Gears never a problem for free players.

I have to disagree here, I do not struggle upgrading my towers, sure it takes time. But as long as I keep playing I can upgrade at a slow and steady pace. However I can’t upgrade my gear. When I look at the profiles of the players around me they all have 2k leadership/health more.


So yeah I only struggle with items. And yes it is another tactic to phase out free players/ get them to spend.