legendary caves of grave goods level 90+

hey everyone I have been waiting a long time for this, figured it would be something worth sharing :slight_smile:


let me know what you think!


if you enjoyed the video you can ask me to show you something else, I love to record!



i’ve already been getting the flak for the black screen @2:47


don’t worry everyone only 1 minute out of the 19 are missing game video. the webcam and commentary are never interrupted


sorry if this bothers you but I don’t rehearse or practice, what you see was a live recording of my first attempt, raw video, no edits.


I was trying a new micro-usb cord and it clearly failed for me so I quickly swap it out

Nice! :slight_smile:


Only one thing, you didn’t include the stats of boosted knights in your (really awesome) surrounding stats/info panel, despite you use them (spawned from mummies) in your raids. :grinning:


But would definitely like to see more videos from you :slight_smile:

well what would you like to see me record? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s up to you, but I guess there’s not many recent videos of (high lvl) dungeons out in the wild, so those might be very appreciated as a help for all those being stuck there, and as an interesting view for all those being by far too weak to see them live on their own account anywhere soon.