Legendary chest for video cooldown period different.

I get a legendary chest once every 4 hours (on Windows 10) while some players get a legendary chest every 2 hours. Let me be clear, I am already happy to get some legendary chest, since as a Windows user we didn’t have this for a long period of time, while other platforms already had them.

But it’s totally unfair that some get twice the amount of chests, giving them a clear advantage. The player who gets more legendary chests for watching a video gets at least double the amount of chests. Those extra chests give millions of extra gold, extra items for melting down with blacksmith and so on.

Why is there such an enormous difference in time between videos? A player who can get them every two hours literally can upgrade even the most expensive towers to max without any sweat (no raids required) while others have to search a lot of time in the hope to find a player who has at least some descent gold and do their best to gather the gold required for the same expensive upgrade. If there is no valid reason for this difference, I would say, make the videos available every 2 hours in every country. At least then it’s fair.

If the provider of those videos is responsible for this time difference, ask them why this time difference exists. There is just no logic for different period of time between two videos. If you want a game that’s fair for all, the cooldown time should be the same for all players.

I know that there are problems with videos on other platforms, I don’t know who is responsible for this, but make sure it’s fixed.



You are correct that they need to be more responsible with their customers.

I can only guess that its they just don’t care unless theres a dollar in it.

Unfortunately this has been going on so long that even a cow would have figured it out.

So I think its just they really don’t care… sad.

It’s indeed sad and I expect that they indeed do not care at all. How unfair you can make it in a game for different users.

As a Windows user I haven’t had videos for a long time (almost the first two years we had no videos on Windows, since February this year we got them). Since the gold out there back then was hard to collect (250k loot we would welcome as reward for a raid, most times we did get even less than 100k), we often had to waste a lot of gems on gold shields for one or three days.

I don’t even want to calculate how many gems I wasted on those shields during that period, just to be able to upgrade a single troop, spell or item, while others ‘just could watch a few videos’ for chests or extra raids and got them almost for free.

Someone with 4 hours cooldown gets many chests less per week in comparison with somebody getting them every two hours. In fact this means a huge and absurd disadvantage. In terms of gold this means a difference of more than a full treasure chamber per week for free. With a full treasure chamber we can max one tower, troop or spell, while others have to put a lot of time and energy in it to accomplish the same and make same progress! How we can ever stay competitive with the others? Simple answer, there is no way to stay competitive due to this unlogical time difference.

What do we get from every legendary chest? Often a legendary chest contains:

  • 1M+ gold. Since we can save chests for two days, this means almost a free upgrade for sure every two days by just saving the chests when you get them every two hours, while for players with chests once every four hours can even not upgrade a single tower (some players have a job and can only play before and after work) ! How unfair can you make a game, the advantage is unacceptable.
  • Items. While others have to buy items (withdrawn from the treasure chest that is already less full thanks to receiving not as many gold as others!), players with more chests get more items to meltdown at blacksmith. I often run out of items and have to buy items to keep blacksmith going. Raids are not even compensating this lack of items. I can sometimes be fortunate to get one or two items after emptying my entire farms. Not required with a chest every two hours, more than enough melting stuff available, just by the extra chests.
  • Vouchers.
  • Pearls. Also a nice advantage to get more pearls, so forging becomes more easy. It’s like having an extra slot at blacksmith that needs no items to meltdown.
  • Gems. Yes, also those they get more. Imagine what you could do with at least 50+ pearls extra for free every day (sounds like free daily gem chest to me without spending a dime).

In fact the disadvantage is even more big. When you manage to open the extra chests with a full treasure room, (more easy to accomplish this with many extra chests) you get even more pearls, gems, items and vouchers.

Summarizing this all together, the advantage for players with shortest cooldown is immense in comparison with players less fortunate. All players should be treated equally, we all should get the chests at same rate and then also everyone could focus on the same things to upgrade.

Others make giant steps and progress very fast for free, while others struggle and can’t keep up with the rest, just because they are unfortunate to get not the same amount of chests for free in the same amount of time. In fact it has nothing to do with being unfortunate. It has more to do with unfairness amongst customers.

No excuse justifies this difference.

Good Question about the 2 hour and 4 hour I never check the cooldown. Let me see now its 11:55 AM and I go collect it and see when the next one. If its 4 hour or more between them its unfair but I don’t really care. I have no problem to find player who give over 1 Millions each raid. Accumulate 13 Millions for a upgrade its not hard without shield. Since I play solo in September I have no problem to upgrade all my thing who cost 10 Millions and more. I have upgrade max my Archer,Arblaster and Froster at 13 Millions, I have do my Castle Gate level 17,18,19 and 20 without problem,etc…

We have play this game without free chest and same without them the game is pretty easy

But for me free chest its more for Legendary Gems inside +40,voucher or pearls. I don’t care about the gold

Warrior, Wait till your trophies leave the sweet spots and you end at ranks where there is no gold. At my spot (4200 right now)  there simply is not a lot of gold. Why? Well… A lot of players dropped trophies for zombie event to go below 4k and they give no gold. I have to search either 4600+ or players fully boosted from top teams to get 300k+. Or be fortunate to find anyone who forgot to secure gold.

Then you will care for chests at that moment. I have also times that there is gold like water and now it looks like the complete opposite, like I am searching for water in a dessert. Sometimes I find a small oasis, but most times dry sandhills.

That’s not the point, when you get only half the salary paid from what others collegues get for the same work, you would go to talk with the boss for sure and ask to get similar salary as your collegues. Here we found out a similar scenario, some get double the amount of chests in comparison with other players. This is unfair and unacceptable.

I don’t care about the trophie stop to be fixed on trophies. When I heard people complain about no gold because they are in 4000+ trophies just stop. Its up to people to play smart and understand how gold work. Tomorrow morning I up at 4000 trophie and I guaranteed I can continue find people who give me 500k,700k or more without problem and I remember you the main goal in this game its not accumulate 10 or 13 millions in 5 minutes. You can accumulate them little by little and if that take 20 hours then that take 20 hours. Plus I can add nobody force you to attack people at the same range of trophies. I am at 3000 and if I see a 2,200 or a 2,400 have 700k or more I attack him, sorry for him but I attack him

Its not the problem of me or the others if some people have problem to find gold. Look video of Floathaboss who can get 2 Millions or 5 Millions in one raid and its far to be hard you just need the gold boost for that.

I have 100% gold boost but I only use like 40% to do my raid and same if you got 200k each raid if you have the farm perk and the silo you can do easily like 20 raid each 4 hours. that give you around 5 millions or more each 4 hours or in less than 4 hours if you have max silo and max farm

its up to you to be more smart and planify your thing. Before i sleep I make sure to have 1,200 food and during I sleep my farm be full. The morning I do like 20 raid and up my gold at 4 or 5 Millions or more wait 2 or 3 hours to replenish my silo and do again 10 or more raid,etc…

You gonna said : You gonna be attacked during this time? Again I answer its up to you to planify well what you doing. its up to you to keep the free shield and use it well

You are maybe level 103 or more and said you have problem to find gold? if at this level you don’t know how to do it without the free chest maybe you should questionning yourself about how you do your raid or how you play this game,etc…

One thing I agree with you its the difference between 2,4 or 6 hours of free chests. I wait to see if I got the next one in 20 minutes if its 2 hours or 4 hours offer for me




Finally I can answer this question. My free chest offer are in each 2 hours.Sorry for you Dena if for you its 4 hours and if for someone its more than 4 hours. I cannot know why i have free chest each 2 hours and I cannot answer why my video ads work well. that means i can stack over 16 free chest in 2 days. I feel bad for all people who don’t have this kind of avantage. I have all advantage the others don’t have but don’t question me why. I don’t have the answer

Maybe the factor its the country or the kind of internet the people use I don’t know

I get chests every 2 hours (not now :slightly_frowning_face: ). My friend in the same country got them every 3 hours in the beginning.
I don’t know, how often he gets them nowadays … It definitely changes sometimes, i had 3 hours in the beginning,
too. Then it went to 2 hours with an occasional 2.5 hours in the early evening.

lol I have talk so fast. The video ads is out… Not bad I was able to watch over 9 video and get 9 free chest plus 9 chest in zombie event plus 2 daily chest. I got like 200 gems,some vouchers and many pearls. Video ads its not perfect but if sometime that allow to have some free chest why not. I am super happy. Same if that work just few time in a month


Its not as simple as saying play more … of course that is possible. The whole point is that over two days that’s 8 chests more.

I get 1 to 1.5m per chest so that’s a free tower upgrade every two days.

I have 8 workers and would love to get double the chests. I would do the best items all the time… not settling for less to keep them busy.

There are. Quiet times where coin is scarce its a fact. 

Maybe because you get all those extra chests you don’t really realise how easy that makes it for you? Try it one day only collect half and see how you go…

I completely understand Dena’s points … in good times yes I do as you say and raid away… but the lean times I may as well walk away .

Not saying you are wrong but you really need to experience it to understand the impact.

My upgrades all cost 8M+ for towers, only the barricades, blockades and spikes cost 6M+. Even when saving 2-3 chests on a working day (plus saving them for two days so 6 chests in total) will sometimes not be enough to get the gold required for my lowest upgrades, while when you have double the amount of chests, you can easily buy every upgrade without a single raid.  

We know we can save those chests for two days before they expire. I can save 6 of them during two weekdays, while I could easily get at least 10 of them if we also get them every two hours. During weekends I could double the chests I get, I could easily get 12-16 chests, instead of 6-8. That makes a world of a difference. (in a year the difference is 800-900 chests for me, which is totally unacceptable, for others the difference can be more than 1k chests per year!)

We need to keep waves going, upgrade spells, troops plus towers. I need to plan to spread those major upgrades over the whole week to be able to use the gold from the chests which I save for two days and keep those upgrades going by raiding the remaining gold. Spells and troops need 10M+ (I maxed the ones I want already this way, I only need to upgrade the ones I don’t use), waves cost 7M+. So after that I have only raids for upgrading towers. It’s not easy to keep them going without chests plus gold shields (which I don’t use any more).

In the meanwhile I need to hope to get items from raids to keep blacksmith going. When I don’t find them I need to buy those, I simply get not enough items, because this unfair situation forces me sometimes to open some chests just in the hope to find either items or gold to buy them.

It’s just not only advantage in terms of gold. The extra chests (2-3 during weekdays and 4 at a weekend day) also give gems every now and then. With those gems you can buy more workers for example. This only increases the gap of unfairness.

So you also can keep upgrading more towers without any raid to max, while others literally are screwed and are doomed to search for gold and raid for hours every day, just because this unfair situation is there. So we even progress much slower while we need to do more effort. There is no way we can ever compete.

I already explained that Windows users (I am one of them) just have videos since February. I wasted many thousands of gems on shields for being able to just upgrade a lousy troop or spell, before I even had a video. Imagine what my defensive structure levels would be when we also got video chests like everyone else? Yup, they would all be going to the new max right now, since I would have more workers, more gold and so on.

With more chests you get more for all possible resources (gold, gems, pearls, vouchers, items), it’s as simple as that. The whole RR2 economy is in disadvantage due to this abnormal situation. I hate unfair situations so I want this to be solved once and for all. No excuses, every player should get the same amount of chests during the same period of time by watching videos.

But I think I am talking to the void now. I think waiting till eternity takes less time then that this unfair situation will be fixed, since I also believe this topic is read by someone working for flare and that something is done to solve it.

By the way, I hope that the problems that others experience (no chests) soon are fixed. but those players now experience what I face every day. Lack of gold, not enough chests, so some workers aren’t doing anything.

Yeah Dena,

That’s why I had previously said here that they should include their own ads for their other games and apps and use those to pad out any shortcomings from the

Provider. It would also be a fall back if the PROVIDER CRASHES AND BORKS GAMEPLAY.

That’s indeed an option and they did this already. I have seen enough Dawn of Steel videos passing by.

That’s indeed an option, but I don’t think it’s interesting enough for them, since they won’t get any cent from this.

On my phone and my PC (Windows) I have not video what the problem ?

Windows has very limited video offers so there often are none.


Yet windows is a third of their revenue … obviously little is ads. So do you marginalize those users or fix it so they stay.

Revenue per user is far higher… less work with dev  support. They really just need to be more ethical… and maybe

Develop a sense of pride about ensuring equal opportunity up to p2w.

WSReset in an elevated command prompt does miracles. Wait for the command to finish (several minutes) and try again. For some it doesn’t work, but for me it does.

I understand the difference between 2 hours,3 hours or 4 hours offer and the fact the free chest can give 1M+ gold and the game come super easy but like I have said in my previous post I don’t care about the gold its not for the gold I use free chest but more for the Legendary Gems +40 or voucher and pearls. The gold its not a problem for me like I said since September when I have come back after a break of 1 month. I play solo and I have no problem to find gold. 15M is easy for me maybe because I still in 3000 trophies no one attack me and in my favorite list I got some player who give me each 30 minute or each hours like 400k,500k and same 800k or more. Up my treasury at 15M I do that in 1 day or less

I understand the fact some can have problem to find gold at 4000+ trophies maybe because you are attacked non stop I guess. That why I stay at 3000 and up my stuff no one attack you and you are alone, its possible its because I am level 96 and all level 80 don’t want to try me. That allow me to take my time to up the gold and do my upgrade. I gonna go maybe at 4000+ the day when my spell,unit and building and my defense gonna be max or ready to face level 95+

If you want proof I have no problem at all to find gold, you can watch my video on my Youtube Channel. Find target at 500k,600k,800k or more its piece of cake for me I do that all the day each day

that is the reason I have open my base yesterday. My treasury was full and my tavern. My upgrade list is full then I decide to give the gold I have


I am not attacked constantly, the problem is there is almost no gold out there in my current trophy range. Gold is only available in top teams, who have boosted everything you can imagine and those players probably have also forged their troops close to max. So that is kind of suicide raids, nice you get 500k+ offered, but when you not even reach the gate, that gold reward will also be not that good. In some bases you are toasted before you even are halfway, so taking a risk for a price that could be even 100k- seems no good plan to me.

I checked your loot Warrior, your chamber was full for sure? Not that I will raid you, but your base offered a lousy 68k. That’s what I talk about, a level 96 hero offers me (level 102) not even 100k, while the treasure room is full. Not that the hero level matters, even 100+ kings offer no loot.

When I start raiding the first two bases offer 500k+ very fast. I did some tests yesterday, a base of a friend online who always has several M unprotected offered me 500k+. I of course didn’t raid. I raided 3 times other bases and the same base (player was still online, so definitely wasn’t raided!) was offering me 250k-. That’s an insult, when you know that his gold chamber hold several M unprotected.

Now tell me, how can I ever collect enough gold by raiding with such ridiculous gold offers. It’s just impossible to do so, unless using a free gold shield, staying online a lot of time to search through hundreds of bases in the hope to find a single opponent who has enough gold and doesn’t have a suicidal base. Match maker offers only players fully boosted including tempest tower plus mad monks 9/10 times and the 10th time I get an opponent for 40k- gold. So match maker isn’t helping. In my favorite list are players who most times leave a lot of gold, also dried out.

And when you then see the disadvantage in chests I wonder if flare is realizing that the temptation to quit or something like that is coming closer with giant steps. Nice to see that a lot of members plus friends are telling they are maxing towers with free legendary chests without even the need to do a single raid, while some others (including me) literally have to do a lot of effort just to gather even 6M+ for a lousy upgrade and towers are not even close to max.

I am glad for others that still are able to find descent gold, but now I am experiencing all negative aspects of the game, gold plus items are hard to get, even in CoF I get a lousy item once every 5 times, how can I keep blacksmith melting down items, while others get items for free? I play this game for more than 2.5 years now, but I can tell you that this is definitely not helping to keep me playing. The unfairness and disadvantage is just too much right now. Maybe I complain too much right now, but I think at this moment there is enough reason to do so, it’s just not fair.