Legendary Gear Options (Missing Rings?)

The game has given a number of opportunities to get new Legendary Gear and so far I’ve spent gems where I felt prudent and won items when lucky.


I regularly see Legendary Armor and Weapons available, but I have never once seen a Legendary Ring anywhere…

—not in Granny’s Market,

—not in a post win Treasure Chest,

—not in a Dungeon Win Treasure Chest…


Am I just unlucky? 


I only need a Legendary Ring to finish the “Outfit Your King in Legendary Items” Accomplishment, but have never even seen one. I’m currently level 75 and I just think it’s odd…



That’s funny. I had the opposite: I never had seen a legendary belt buckle during my whole gameplay, except the one I bought last month and the very first legendary item I ever saw. I have seen lots of legendary rings, however. I think it is just random, and you are unlucky.

Oh well. I guess I just need to keep my eyes open…

I have seen several legendary belts and rings so far, and personally own 2 or 3 each, with different stats (gold, leadership, scream boosts). Some have accompanied me since half a year, though.

I am not sure whether or not they are as rare as you two experienced so far, but one good thing about those (as well as boots) is that, lacking any primary stat, they outdate much slower than e.g. armour. Thus, you don’t need to replace them as often once you got decent ones.

E.g. my current leadership ring (bought about half a year ago) has about 430 leadership, and the most recent one I saw had like 550 or so - the difference of 120 is quite neglectible looking at my current total leadership (somewhere between 8.5k and 9.5k, depending on helmet/cape), which is also why I didn’t actually bother buying the new ones for hundreds of gems.


Sure, that doesn’t solve your achievement problem there, but good luck for that! :slight_smile:

Yes I find they are rarer too. Its weird I know Granny is now lame but these items have avaided me. I still have a blue belt!


What I also find is there are no “good” gold boost items. I have none that I can use apart from a ring. By that I mean they don’t have enough leadership or stats to be considered useful if I want to win the raids. I only get the alliance boost 47% + my ring 12%, but I choose not to use it because I need the 700 leadership my normal ring gives me to help win raids. Either i’m unlucky or granny doesn’t like me…

If the granny offer you an discount epic, wait for the right one before you buy. It will keeps the sales up until you buy an item. So your desire item may come, instead buying an minor upgrade items

Wow that’s a lot… my ring has only about 400 leadership… I’d say getting such a ring is lucky :wink:



True, gold boost crown or cape get outdated as you level up, the only solution is waiting for new, up-to-date gold gear offers. Currently, both my cape and helmet with gold boost have the same base stats as my regular ones since I got some nice offers lately, making gold gear raiding very possible now for me. :slight_smile:


Ring and belt with gold boost are useful a lot longer, as there’s no base stat there that would get outdated, only the 2nd stat / boost.

luck isn’t something you can create.

Did they nerf legendary gear recently? I bought a legendary gold boost ring at 13.5% boost like at lvl 60. Now at lvl 79 ive seen two recently all less % than the one I bought 20 levels ago o.O


Ah well, not complaining =)

Yes, same here. not all, but some items.

I’m unlucky when it comes to dungeon items. Half have been swords, the other half have been rings. I have far too many of each )=

6 months 15 days - have no chance to get golden boots to fullfill the quest

Three times seen in treasure chests, but missed

If the items you got were at least useful in the sense of “better than the gear you had before”, then you were more lucky than me :wink:

I think I may at most have gotten 1 useful item from the dungeons… and I completed all caves of grave goods.


Prior to December or so of last year granny had multiple epic/legendary items in a single view in granny shop.  I got new epic/legendary item offers basically every log in (8 hours or so?) and should have capitalized on it then.  Fortunately I have all legendary gear, but I rarely see an offer for any new legendary gear.  In the past week I have started getting offers again at login, but between December and this past week I barely ever got one.


I’m sure it is tied to gem level, spending habits, etc.  


I do agree that rings/belts are much rarer. I typically see crown/cape/sword in legendary. 

I mostly see capes, helmets, totally-useless pauldrons with weird stats and sometimes totally-useless-as-well poison swords most of the time… would love to see a decent upgrade for my sword in closer future :wink:

well… thanks