LEGENDARY ROMANIA looking for 15 members


Hello folks. Being genteel please let introduce myself :slight_smile:

My name is Vizitiu Cosmin. IGN - Altripothis. I could say old member of this game, nearly from begining. Haven’t been interested never for being number 1 in game. I played and stil play to have fun with my old friends… who left the game and with the new and good friends in game. I played 2.8 years being in leadership positions different alliances. More than 1 year in the current alliance LEGENDARY ROMANIA** . Okay lets skip this :slight_smile: ****  We have time to discuss for who would like to chat.**

LEGENDARY ROMANIA alliance looking 15 new members.(possible more)

Languages: Usually we are talking Romanian and English, but there is not any restriction. Of course preferable those to understand each other.

I would like to tell you I’m also interested of merging with alliances who are in too big problems to keep going on their own. Is not a shame, actually moving all to the same place could be easier. You will meet new and friendly mates, going to exceed their limits.

Alliance level 58, rank 242 atm…

Permanent boosts:

 ** Blazing Knight, Power Archer, Tough Barricade, Storm Canon, Stunning Ogre, Raging Wolf.**

During the war we add Frost trap and any other boost which could help us to win

Requirements to join:

- Hero level… at least 85

- min 250k donation(acceptable 150k if you make performance… ex: top score in war, 1st Ninjas most of time)

Preferable at least 2500 + trophies (we have guys with less because of poor recruitment, they accepted to move to our academy StarElite, rank 347 anytime if there apply stronger players)


I give support and tips for those who want / need it. We give champs / shields in the toughest wars. Anytime when there will be important news we’ll let you know. In the last day of war if you are close to get a chest and a champ is your last option you can ask for it. For general… I give it but I want to see kindness, respect to the other mates, some time spent in alliance without leaving, ready to help the leadership team.


Bad words are not tolerated

Be kind, respectful to the team. I don’t force no one to stay but no one will get a third chance if gets kicked for inactivity.

Leaving during the war you will never get the 2rd chance.

I’m patient and kind but there is a limit for everything.

Daily donation required, If you do not donate more than 3 days without letting me know = kicked.

I am asking for at least 3300 skulls each front in war(exceptions when we drop fieldoms but we’ll let you know). Of course as member of the team if you have a personal issue and you can’t fight 1-2 days… If you let me know before war we can fix it without leaving.


If you have any other question… feel free to ask :slight_smile: