Les Français alliance bullying lower rank alliances

Hi all,


Have opened a special thread for this issue. Maybe others have the same problem from time to time.


The situation is as follows:


A #30 top alliance, with 60 top-players members and overboosted with all the possible and payable boosts, decides to bully a #200+ alliance.


The past few days, our members are bullied by some players from Les Français.

Legal? Of course! Mature? No way!


Usually, our members can beat those bullies easily, despite their high level. But they take an advantage and hide like cowards behind their alliance’s overboosts. Nevertheless, We have beaten them back many times. But they didn’t understand the message and are continuing their harassment. Very immature behavior.


So, what would you do?





I handled it myself by contacting one of the players who was involved in the fight. We agreed to stop this ‘war’ based on a gentleman agreement.


I think it’s based on a misunderstanding. I ordered my players to stop and he agreed the same.


Case should be called solved and closed. Les Francais is a good and honorable team, very nice chat.



if you go to the helpshift website and go to CONTACT US and if you pick RR2 you can report an abuse, if something like this is that much of a problem to you… 

We kept our side of the deal, I asked my team to stop attacking.


But it seems that some les Français members are just ignoring it and are breaking the deal right now. One of my members informed me of their constant attacks, while he was ordered to stop. I kept my side of the promise, I am a man of my words. Now it’s time that the players who keep attacking stop this nonsense and hold their promise. How deep can you sink, directly breaking a promise? Maybe those players aren’t informed yet, I also hold reckon with this, but if one of you reads this, stop it now, you are breaking an agreement.


I ask one last time to stop the raids on my team members, fact is that one of the players (Ricozorus) of Les Francais contacted me and asked to stop. Breaking their part of the deal is just unacceptable.  

I m just curious: was it bullying, or just farming:

If lower level players provide decent easy loot, like gold, medals, or whatever the raider is interested in, sure a boosted player might frequently attack a lower level one - for example to quickly win the league at its end.

I wonder if it really was personal bullying, that’s why I m curious :grinning:

Edward told me the story, I didn’t read alliance messages, so I can only tell the story like I heard.


Former member of Marsupia Ricozorus attacked Edward several times a day. I don’t know the history and reason. Usually we ignore this, but since that player kept on attacking, Edward told some members about this player harrassing in alliance group chat. We have the policy, we don’t let a player get away with it. So a few other members of us together with edward attacked him on response.


I admit it’s not the smartest thing to do, when a player is part of a very strong alliance.


The player probably didn’t like it and complained in his team. If he would have been fair, he would tell them that he started this nonsense, by telling them he attacked Edward several days in a row and this was a reaction on his deeds. But that piece of vital information he did not tell. As a reaction they started a counter attacks against the members who attacked that player. And one of us responded to those attacks, since he is able to beat them all. So a chain reaction is triggered.


Edward informed me about the situation when it was going out of control, since I am the leader and need to protect my members. Yesterday evening when I logged in I got a friend request from Ricozorus. He asked me to stop raidings he got too many attacks, only problem is that he only speaks a littlebit English. I asked him to stop their attacks against my team members, I told him that I will stop my members attacking them, he should arrange they would stop their attacks, I would make sure our members attack them. He agreed and called me even my new friend.


This morning I discovered messages from all of my members that they agree, but one of my members told me that the french members are still keep raiding him all the time. This is very unfair, they keep attacking, despite the deal. I don’t care whether or not the leader of the French team is aware of it, he is responsible for the actions of his team and if one member of their team says he will arrange to stop their side of attacks, I demand him to keep his promise, he gave me his word.

Hi Jewel,


This time it is a bullying.


It all has began from a player Ricozorus, who was once in former alliance Marsupia. He has betrayed us twice (once in the middle of a war) and I refused to accept him back. He hates me since. Then, when he joined Les Francais, he took advantage of this super boosted alliance and has harassesd one of our members for a long time. We have found a solution by sending this member to a fully boosted alliance, from where he has punished this guy heavily. This was a long time ago and should have been forgotten.


A couple of days ago, he started to harass me constantly and i have mentioned this on the alliance chat. Our top members immediately took an action and attacked him back.

Les Francais is a top alliance with very strong players and also super-boosted. Several of their members started raiding our members. The chain reaction has begun.


Actually, despite the fact that our alliance is #200+, our strongest members are top-raiders and have beaten the super-boosted Les Francais who have attacked us.


But the harassment didn’t stop. They now concentrate on one player, raiding and scrolling him constantly, cause he has beaten all of them too easily.


Dena, our leader, has received their word of honor that this will stop, they said they will. We have stopped. But they have broken their word of honor and continue to attack.

Hi Dena, hi Ed, thx for the detailed explanations :grinning:

Jewel, a little bit pepper and salt to this slowly going game. :slight_smile:

did anyone read my post?

I actually did ask flare what options we have. The only thing they suggest is try to contact and ask them to keep their promise.

need some help with them, I can ask my friends to raid them…I have my ways of…lets just say persuading people.

Atlas, thanks for your help offer, but this time i would advise you to stay aside. These are players with no self honor and will raid you too, even if you’re a lower level.


We will manage. We can beat them. I don’t care for losing trophies. Members of your alliance should always be defended by any cost.

my friends and I dont care about trophies either, I just want to strip them of everything they have, gold, trophies, etc. Anyways, I will try and message the leader or a general of the alliance…

Atlas, hold down your horses. I have received now a message from our member that they have stopped attacking him.


Think it was really humiliating for the Francais that a much lower lvl players and with much less boosts have beaten their bases.

Too late…the damage has already been dealt, jk I messaged the leader of the alliance, you’re welcome :grinning:

Come on Atlas or should I call you Radynio1 from now on. If you contacted the leader, thank you, but I have to give the honor to another great leader.


Remember, we did and can handle it ourselves. Fact is that I am in contact with some great top leaders and one of hem personnally contacted the highest French leader. I passed names of players who kept attacking and I need to give all credits to him. After he passed the names, the attacks immediately stopped.


Our team plays for fun, fact is we have several top raiders. We are protecting our members at any cost which means that even full boosted opponents aren’t getting away with bullying one of our members.


As the leader of my team it’s my duty to take care and solve these situations. I try to prevent that situations run out of control and are escalating. There is no need for an alliance war between two teams, we play for enjoying the game, not for spoiling the fun of others. Most important is that the attacks stopped on both sides and we keep respect for each other.


When a player pops up by match maker, fine, attack, but don’t keep raiding for days in a row. I actually don’t care, trophies mean nothing to me, I don’t need to show off and neither does one of my members, we play for fun, cash free, as virtual family and friends.


I have great respect to the leader of Les Francais, he showed he is an honorable man who respects agreements.  


For me the case is closed.


Greetings and cheers,


Dena4, Leader of Genie and Masters

next time ,if something like this occurs, i would suggest you contact your friends 1st…it makes no sense to come on the public forum and denounce another clan

Gypsy, this time, it has helped a lot making it public.


This thread will also help other alliances, if they come across the same situation.

Geez…i was joking about that too, and fyi i have contact with people that…lets just say…power…and i should say my friend does xP