Less gems in higher tournaments? What gives?

Hi, I just noticed, 3k medals in Bronze League will get you 25 gems, whereas 3k medals in Platinum League will get you 1. It seems counter-intuitive that you can get more gems switching between Bronze and Silver than you can in Platinum for the same work.

I think it should be like when you take a League Record. Medals/100, and then possibly multiply it by what league you’re in. For example, Bronze is +10%, Silver +20%, Gold +30%, etc. That way, there’s always incentive to strive for higher leagues, without it being overpowering.

i guess when they first started it, it is about competing with tougher player in higher league, so u get more reward by winning higher league.


You can’t compare by " medal gain ". Some top player can drop to lower league to make a record and then bounce back to higher league again. Gold league can make 50k+ medal record (currently) but even in diamond league, it is kinda tough to make 50k medal per day unless u bought a lot of food to battle


All of this has to do with your luck, some player join easy diamond league in which if they can make 20k medal for three days or less , they already can win the league. But some diamond league is tough in which u hv to make over 60k medal to guarantee a win. Same happen even in Bronze league. If some top player purposely drop to bronze, they could hv make over 30k medal per day, and though u are in bronze league, u are actually fighting diamond league in some sense.