Less racist war boosts

Archer has had 2 different ones now but the good old knight has had 0.

This is discriminating and the knights league feels less valued. Unless they too shall receive new boosts they will start a strike or paint their shield pink as a sign of rebellion

You do know what “racist” means right? Wrong word to use in that context

Be racist for a war boost? My god where we are arrived…

Yes the race of knights. Look at thir faces and skin tone it is somewhat different from paladin and archer

O dear, I couldn’t care less of their race I haven’t looked that much. Grow up

Guys the idea of boosts is fqudup. This freeking maxed tropps that hel themlves and this is alliance dependent, is a Rap.

If someone wishis to play alone, has 0 chance in this game.

Even f he would spend a fortune. Be ause thnsystem is crap. If you count how much would you oay for a wave if you speed it and an aliiance boost…


You sir are a idiom.

First you make a assumption that I don’t know what racist means then you don’t care about races?

I call shenanigans upon your tomfoolery and slap you with a silk glove.

Yes I’m an “idiom”. Never said I don’t care about REAL LIFE racism but pointing that rubbish out on a game? There are no mixed race, black, Asian, indian, albino troops. O MY GOD FLAREGAMES ARE RACIST

Just ignore him, we are dealing with a true looney here, nothing helps against them.