Less than 10 members after war start

Hello @CaptainMorgan

Please make it so teams which drop below 9 members after the start of war get automatically disqualified.

It’s very annoying when teams kick their low level players in order to limit opponent VP. Fine if they stay above the 10 players minimum, but if a team needs 10 to start the war, they should be required to keep that many for the entire war


The minimum to start a War is 8. Dropping under that should kick them out of the War.

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Huh? When did that change? It used to be 10.
8 is very small.

It’s very frustrating when teams kick players, or multi account players remove low level accounts to during war in order to win. I hope you do something to stop that practice.

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Do the same thing… been there, done that :joy: it’s better to match them in their strategy by kicking your weak out until after war is over


aren’t it 8?

but there is an open and unanswered idea of increasing this number towards higher leagues. maybe too drastic what was suggested, but nevertheless an interesting idea.

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that would be avoided if in the new update they introduced that during the war you cannot leave the alliance


Well no, because you would want the option to kick someone during war to stay (if not else, for when you catch a “spy” reporting your moves to the enemy).
So if kicking stays, this “tactic” could still be done.

I do agree you want the option to kick. I think maybe it should be limited to 1 or 2 per war though.