less time in league and let use to decide when we want to start the next league

hi people  :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe to reduce the diamond league of one day?

good idea!


the reason for the long time of tournaments is to give players worldwide the chance to play reguardless if the “real world”

needs you for stupid things like work and sleep.


I vote leave it be

Also I would like to be able to choose in which league I want to take part. Not always I want to be in diamond league for 3 days. And if I want to drop to lower leagues I need to wait those 3 days or more (almost not playing in order to drop).

12h too  :stuck_out_tongue:

You can start the new league whenever you want.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Never seen so many smileys on a single page before…

I like the idea of choosing which tourney you’d like to participate in.

smileys are one thing i have no problem translating.

i have a teenage daugher