Let Alliances Block Individual Players (like Farid260) from Applying

My Alliance (Knights who Say Ni) allows anyone to apply, but recently Farid260 has been applying once every minute or two!  One of the generals even let him in and he quit in 5 minutes just to reapply.  We don’t want to change our status to invitation only, but we’d like to uniquely block him.  I don’t think it can be done so I’m requesting that feature; or if it can be done, please tell me how.

Yes, a blocking feature would be good.

Totally support this! 

There are many players out there who switch alliances constantly because, using my alliance as an example (Petite Alliance) we don’t boost ogre and wolves all the time and when we do we get a lot of people applying and sometimes a general lets them in by accident. Then when the boosts end, they leave and reapply a couple of days later when we decide to boost again! 

So we have to write down a list of names of players we don’t want to apply to our alliance and it would be much easier if flaregames would create something to allow alliances to block certain players from applying!  :slight_smile:

This is absurd that there is no such option. This should created earlier its simple option i’m think…

It is the little things in life that makes the most difference. This is one of that little things!

I support this.

I think its the only game I play who there’s no blockage. Normally in a Online game you can ignore or black listed a player

I would like to suggest something else that will go with this block feature:


I have been trying to join a new alliance for a week now. So I applied multiple times and was rejected every single time. Sometimes I had to wait more than 4 hours before I was rejected. This was very frustrating (and I suppose the same for the generals who rejected me). So I did the next best thing, I try to friend all possible generals in the alliance. Most just rejected that too, but after a week one of the generals except and we could talk about the minimum requirements to be accepted. What a frustration for a soldier to seek a good alliance!!!

Suggestions: Display minimum requirements for joining and rules when you view the alliance detail screen   - this is so simple and will save all of us much frustration and time.

To add to this idea, I suggest the following fields to be added to the layout:

Alliance Motto:  “We play for fun”

Minimun Requirements: King level 50 , donation 75k

Standard Requirements: King level 60 , Donation 100k  

Rules:  Donate at least 4 times per week , Fight at least   80% of the 3 battles in war

When a soldier join, and he is on minimum - he is flagged as yellow. When he is on standard requirements he is flagged as green.

The moment a soldier breaks one of the rules he is flagged red. A leader or general can reset a red flag to green of yellow again (when the soldier has indicated how he will correct his conduct) or kick the soldier. The leader and generals should also be able to remove the flagging system for some players (sometimes someone can not play).

Last note:

I think most soldiers abuse the alliance system because they do not know better. This suggestion will help the leader and the general to train their members to be team players.


The alliance requirement list sounds good, then only players that meet the minimum ones can send and appliment to that alliance, lower players can only join by having an invitation from generals. That would solve another problem, a lot of newbies sending applies to your team when they clearly don’t meet what you expect from a new player.

Flaregames hope you read this. Please add in 2.2.0 in the next update something to block someone or allow someone to apply only if he meet the criteria.

Just right now!!! we have a annoying player who try like 10 times to apply and I refuse him each time. He try again and again. His name Prince Stewart if you meet him

I said to the others Generals to ignore him and don’t answer to him. That situation prove we need something to stop all this annoying apply