Let Leader Delete Some Conversations


Many a times, players join our alliance, say bad words and leave… This makes the alliance public chat polluted… Many a times, two new members of the same alliance fight and use bad language…

Even after they are kicked out of the alliance, their convos remain in the alliance chat… Therefore, I request RR2 devs to introduce a feature wherein leaders and generals (or only leader) can delete any conversation within 12 hours or time range you think fit…

If not delete feature, I request RR2 to introduce some other features to take care of such misuse of words…

Thank You…

When there is some comment we don’t want, we just enter lines of text with no sense, like dots. Then you also can eliminate that text.

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that’s what I do too… but it’s troublesome…

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It is a good idea. There is no need for the leader to have to occupy the chat with arteries, until that bad comment that one leaves before leaving the alliance disappears. Normally, when you leave the comment, you do it when no one is connected and that time elapses, you can convince someone to leave the alliance as well. When you connect, to fill the chat of arteriscus so that you do not read what the one who says is leaving, it is too late. It’s late because by then, it may have contaminated some other member. It would be nice if the leader could eliminate unwanted comments in the chat. It’s a good idea that I do support. :wink:

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in the VIP chat it is possible to delete, this could also be possible in the normal chat as leader / gerneral :hammer_and_wrench:

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Good idea

Also good idea to not let generals delete leader posts🤣

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then we all have to read this nonsense … :rr2gaspar:

I agree that there should be some way to delete that nonsense without having to get rid of the rest of the conversations.A lot of times the disagreeable messages run between line of text that an alliance may want to keep for a bit as it is respectful conversation between members…with disrespectful comments here and there. Generals/leader needs a way to remove the disrespectful stuff without getting rid of the respectful stuff. Wish we had that ability a couple weeks ago :frowning_face:


We will discuss this with the team internally.
Thank you!


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