Let players use gold to reduce dungeon cooldown time

Waiting period for dungeons are just abnormal long. I don’t think it’s acceptable that after winning a dungeon we have to wait almost a month before next dungeon is available. Say we just started to dig towards the latest dungeons. Even when we beat a dungeon level immediately when it’s available, we have to wait several weeks before the next dungeon is available and waiting time only grows, the deeper you dig. With current speed it will take a year to beat all new dungeons. 

There are players like me that don’t have anything left to upgrade with gold. It’s boring. So why not make the best of our gold and let us invest it to reduce cool down period of dungeons?

Here is what I suggest, give us an option to pay gold to reduce cool down time of dungeons. For example, reduce the period by 8 hours for every M gold we pay. So when we invest 3M, we can reduce cool down by a day. If we invest a full treasure chamber, then we reduce cool down by 5 days. The cool down period for dungeons still is huge, but at least we can make waiting period shorter if we invest our gold. 

Even with extreme long waiting periods (30 days), at least we have an option to reduce the waiting period. So we then have a goal to collect as much gold as we can, it helps us to speed up unlocking dungeons. A hard working player will then be rewarded by being able to play dungeons at a more rapid speed. 

And… If we beat a dungeon that gives us plenty of gold, we could invest it to speed up waiting time, instead of buying items at grannies.

I don’t think using gold is a good idea, collecting gold for newer players upgrading (and even more experienced players) is not really fun as it is, no need to remove more gold from the system. Also doesn’t really make sense for gold to reduce cool down. If anything allowing more than one worker to assist in the digging would make more sense.

I’ve always though as a community we can make the game more enjoyable for everyone by not emptying our chambers before logging off. 


Of course the possibility of adding more workers would also do just fine. Now we dig with one worker and it costs abnormal long time. I have 5 workers and 4 are doing nothing, since I just don’t have any work for them. So when we could add more workers to speed up the digging process, it would also be fine with me.

The gold problem you describe is already introduced by latest release of flare. To remind you, check granny items. Before we had items for gems plus pearls, now we can keep spending gold on buying items, since when you have remaining gold, items in there are buyable for gold. So by this ‘feature’ gold is already subtracted from the system. I bet, that when players are aware of this, that they will spend a lot of gold to buy items and add them to blacksmith slots, to generate pearls.

So I don’t see any problems with reducing cooldown of dungeons for gold. 

I like the idea, but to make it palatable for Flare I think your numbers are low. 

I think they might see 15M = 2 Day Cooldown (something like that). 

I’d pay it.

Exactly on spot. If Flare would reward in some way of having full chamber or % full when log off. Would increase raids for sure.

I think more players would like to pay it, including me. I just gave a start to encourage them to implement this. They could also say 1M gold for 6, 4 or 3 hours reduction. With 3 hours reduction you come at 8M for 1 day reduction, which is also fine with me. At least we can do something to reduce the extreme long waiting time. 

I think a lot of players including me get really a headache of the extreme long time we need to wait before we can try to beat another dungeon level. The long waiting time is discouraging us to play.  I for example want max mummy, ogre and wolf. But unfortunately my worker is now digging towards the 12M gold level for around 18 days and after that I can try the max mummy level. Before I can try, I need to wait patiently for more than a month. Get real flare, this is abnormal.


With the introduction of items for gold now in latest release, this is exactly discouraged. So who leaves gold behind, is literally robbing himself, since he could have turned the gold into items (-> pearls). 

There was always items for gold from that slime ball. For free player the blacksmith slots with other things are hard to come by due to low counts of gems. Also hard to decide which items to get when we do get enough to do something. 

One would assume that the strategy of converting gold = item = pearls is best for those who have already maxed out the majority of upgrades who no longer need gold. Which would contend is a small portion of players. All other players are better off leaving gold for meeting the amount for upgrade. Have tried it several ways and at lower levels I just left the gold and did not care if it got looted. At least I was not starting from zero (or protected amount) and would think that most players are not using farm gear in the 85% + range to help their cause.

You don’t get it, do you? Before the update, granny also offered a lot for pearls and gems. They changed this behavior. When you have enough gold, items are buyable for gold now. This wasn’t the case before, there was no guarantee that an item could be bought for gold. How often all items were just buyable for pearls or gems, I lost counting. Now that only happens, when you are low on gold.

Now just fill your treasure chamber and there you go. Visit granny shop and refill all blacksmith slots. It’s not hard at all to unlock all blacksmith slots, you must only keep focused on your goal and don’t waste gems.

Then count me in to that group of players. Last week I maxed my final wave, everything else except AT is maxed. I only need dungeons plus AT (will do that next AP event). So now I just buy items to melt them down. For every M gold I get 24 pearls, so why leave gold unprotected behind? Granny also offers items for lower gold values, so literally we can refill free inventory slots.

Yes, when I still needed upgrades and before last upgrade, I left even full treasure room. Then it was easy to start the next upgrade. Farm gear is good for climbing and dropping trophies. However gold or luck gear is there for getting rewards plus gold.

you guys have kind of answered your own question, if everyone would do it in a heartbeat then there may be (more) gold issues which isn’t good for the game. it also serves no real purpose to flare to implement - “free” way to speed up dungeons. At least with workers that means buying workers with gems - even that is a long shot. I don’t see flare just adding stuff because there is nothing left to do with gold.

i think even for the players that have maxed “everything”, many are still upgrading different set of towers / traps / barricades etc

also I think granny still isn’t worth emptying treasure room for, you can get more pearls easily with the free chests and full gold / bread.
you can also easily just spend on granny as you are full, the lost gold easily won back, but much harder from 0 gold.

and again, bad for the community if everyone empties gold (though I guess this will not be high priority for most).

what i do agree with though, is the dig time is ridiculous for end dungeons. Maybe this is flares first game that has so many patches, but when you keep adding stuff to game, eventually you need to “compress” earlier things and make it not so long to get to the end. If the game goes on, they can’t possibly keep just increasing the dig time. Will we see 2 months to dig one dungeon next year? 

About creating new tower and obstacles, why would anyone create a new obstacle, for example a new spike from scratch? It has 20 levels before it’ maxed and all that period you have a weakened defense. It takes close to 3 months to get one maxed and then it’s still unforged. Same for a random tower, take skull tower for example, 16 levels needing around 80 days before getting it maxed and then it still needs to be forged 30+ times on every stat to become useful. That’s absurd long, before the tower is ready to replace another tower. And during upgrade tine, you have a weakened defense.

So is that a good investment for your gold? I would say, better turn existing gold into items plus pearls, at least you directly benefit from the gold investment. Sure… I could invest in a basilisk, but since it’s unlikely my team ever reaches the alliance level required to boost it, it’s a worthless investment. Just make sure an ogre stuns it and you can say goodbye to the tower, no matter how much health you added by forging. So what else is a good investment, a jester box maybe? Nope, also not, 28 days, but needs also a lot of forges to be useful plus you need many in a row. 

That’s something you need to be aware, every defensive structure needs an eternity to forge, before it becomes useful. Is it realistic that I play the game that long, so that I have a set of defensive structure of all kind, including forges? I don’t think so, so why invest tons of gold plus pearls in something I probably will never use? 

So reasoning from the point of view of abnormal long digging times, it would be nice if we could speed up digging time without gems. Especially when there would be a new release including new dungeon levels, you answered it yourself already, when do you think we will finish those? Over two or three years? 

That’s not very realistic, even not by playing a lot like you, you can do anything to shorten those dungeon digging times. I don’t say gold is the solution, maybe workers are or even vouchers.

Fact is, before I maxed my monster, I need to wait a ridiculous amount of time and with me a lot of players.

But like things are right now, gold will decrease anyhow, since we now can buy a lot of items for gold. That you don’t like it is obvious. But this time flare made a crucial error by making granny sell items for gold as long as anyone has gold. Before you could buy a few items, before onl remainingitems where there for pearls or gems, now can keep buying till our gold is totally spend. And since almost anytime there are items for sale for less than 1M(I even have seen items under 200k!)… Fill in the answer yourself. So since gold will deplete anyway, why you still are against speeding up dungeons with gold? 

It doesn’t matter whether we spend it on getting items or to reduce dungeon time, the gold will deplete anyway. 

I like the idea of adding workers to reduce project times. It never made sense to me why you had to make the rest of your workers sit in the tavern for ages while 1 worked on a tower or dungeons or whatever.

The way I’d do it is have it cost and speed up logarithmically as you add workers. So adding 1 worker would cost 50% of the project’s original price and reduce the time to half of what it currently is. The next worker would cost 25% of total and reduce the time by a half again (or a quarter of what it was originally). The third costs 12.5% of total and cuts the time in half again, and so on. 

It is getting hard to climb back up. Just wound up in a lower ninja event because of changes in trophy offerings.

why, because If you want to have as strong def as you can, as it is you need to max and forge different towers to use as the game changes. Some don’t even need any / many forges to be more useful. Eg. right now up top, people all over are replacing max forged barricades / blockages for new jesters.
Its fine if you are happy with how your defense is, but if you want to be the strongest, and stay strong you need to change with whatever is strongest.
It is more important / useful than maxing your monsters out.

That granny lets you buy with gold I don’t see as an issue (yet), most players still wont do it. As i mention most are still upgrading things, even the guys with max. And again, those that aren’t doing anything with gold and want pearls badly, it is still better to get from chests with full treasure / silo. To me sitting at 0 gold to get less attacks is not efficient way to play.

Common complaint on the forum is you either pay2win, or play heaps. Well if you play smart and efficient, you can do in 1 hour what others may take 3, 5, 10hours+ to do.

Lastly i mention again, speeding up dungeons with gold, if it makes many people do it would be detrimental to the game, making it harder to get gold.
Yes it takes ages to dig through, the correct solution is reduce the crazy high dig times that keep increasing. Making a band aid solution on top of that while might be nice, i would not support especially given the possible downside.

Consider also what would happen if everyone were to only log out with no gold, the game would grind to a halt with no gold. Maybe more will do with Granny as you say, but hopefully people are smart enough to see there are better ways to play. Might save you some attacks I guess logging out with no gold.

What gold is subtracted from the game,  a lot of players not even raid during recess! They get enough gold from video chests and that is the gold that’s mainly subtracted from the game, free gold given away by Flare and generated by taverns. So it’s not even gold from raids. Reason to use the gold is not to prevent attacks, it’s because we can do enough by the gold from video chests, for example buying items to refill blacksmith slots. If a lot also amongst us non top players also kept raiding a lot and even wouod spend that gold, you had a point, but the reality is not that case. So gold depletion is not happening by this. There is more gold pumped into the game by flare than is subtracted. Proof is out there, there are a lot of players keeping a lot of gold unprotected, including me, when I raid.

I know te ‘why’ factor at top, years ago I decided to stay far away from there for a good reason. I also know reason why at top towers plus obstacles are replaced, the reason for obstacles is current buff of bladestorm. Even a fully forged blockade plus barricade goes down by a single bladestorm from far away, so why even place them in defense if they are taken out, long before they can slow down a raider? For the idle hope that someone isn’t using that spell? They have to replace them since majority of players will have a maxed bladestorm with good range. But below the top that’s not the case, there a lot of players even haven’t a max level bladestorm. And… A lot of players there can’t afford it to forge a lot of stuff.

Like I said, if flare wants us to create new defensive structures, give us a place where we can build them, like a second path. But coming back on dungeons, since digging times are absurd long, we should indeed get an option to speed up digging time without gems. Whatever it is, vouchers, pearls, gold or workers, the players need an alternative.

That’s me!

Not only you, a lot of players do exactly the same. 

I bet there is far more lower players that are raiding a lot for gold, than there are players with max level everything at low level that don’t need gold. I think you have even posted about the gold rewards in war attacks being too low. If no one cared for gold in attacks, no one would care for gold in war attacks, but obviously that is not the case.

if you know the “why,” why did you ask why to do it, then when i tell you why, say you already knew why.

You know their are stronger things out there you could upgrade using gold, but can’t be bothered / don’t want to. So why is dungeons any different? why bother spending gold to speed up getting max dungeons. You don’t need them down low level (you don’t even need max dungeon units higher up).

If it did go ahead, no doubt more complaints will come out about having to keep raiding for gold to keep up, not enough time to do all events as usual just like the (unwarranted) complaints about festivals taking too much time.