let terrains help with defense!!

How about terrains which offset spells, like a fire terrain would offset the blizzard spell or a snow terrain would offset a fire spell…or a percentage to making it weaker.

Strangely, I am for this. Nice idea. It would be almost impossible to balance it though. Undoubtably, one of these terrain effects would be found superior to the others, and everyone would use it.

Somebody once said to me that as you make progress in the game you will find that there is nothing need to be added in defence instead we are in need of new spells I.e elite spells and guess what he was right.there is already enough defence in this game and three(mummy,froster blaster and doom gate) are more coming.we are in need of new spells instead to take them down.

ROCK I have to disagree. Once you get up to the 5,000 mark there are attackers so skilled that they can cut through any defense (shyong for example) with some or no practice.  I think an offsetting terrain could be a very cool idea.  For example, if I use tons of cannons and in my base perhaps I want to neutralize firestorm and I can select the snow terrain.  I’m not sure exactly how the effect would work, but I do think it could add another level of strategy to creating a defense and plotting an attack.


ROCK once you upgrade your spells to the new max you will see.

I think it is only fair to have someone able to beat every base , maxed out or not w/o using scrolls like shyong (assuming he beat all base no scrolls)


Defence will only get better and tougher with the new doom gate , lets not make it even more complicated.I already scroll way too much these days trying to master SR Shield Blizzard combo 

@greggenheim:  You seem to forget the large majority of players in this game are below the 5000 trophie mark.


Upgrading spells to max doesn’t automatically throw you in that range of trophies.

I was responding to his “we need new spells” comment because the max level spells are just fine to take down almost any base. I don’t have any maxed yet, but I see what max blizzard, swordrain, shield can do and I’m impressed.


I was also responding to “nothing needs to be added in defense”.  This would be a way to add more variety to defense and may even come with a trade off.  Winter terrain reduces fire damage by 25% but increases frost by 5%, for example.  We all try to play with our base to make something new and exciting but end up with the same or similar shapes, so we are always after more opportunity for variety and strategy.

Ok so in first line you clearly mentioned 5000 cups but let me remind you I have 2700 cups and almost 70% of rr2 players are average level players,which means there is long way to raise up to 5000.if this happens then it will further extend the time more to reach 5000.second it is already taking millions of coins and much time to upgrade the spells.i am currently upgrading my firestorm to level 10 and it will take six days to upgrade my spell.so I or any other player who use firestorm frequently will never want their spell to get weak on particular territory.

Every one is not budakalasz,it will take months to upgrade our spells and being a non paying player it is even more difficult to upgrade things.so in my opinion this idea is not as good as you are saying.,just think about it.

Since it seems the quote function isn’t working or I can’t figure it out today I was going to respond to Rock.  I could see the point of new offensive capabilities but it is the same flipside for defense in terms of there being nothing to upgrade after awhile there seems to be nothing for offense after awhile because of upgrade costs.  Defenses can be very powerful especially with most Elite boosts but so can Offense in the right hands and especially with Elite boosts.  I feel that even with these honestly insanely powerful Elite boosts coming that defense and offense with still have equal strengths and equal weaknesses.  Defense is based on your towers types, levels, placements, blockades or spike levels, placements, and especially around the path design and troop wave setup to accompany either the towers or paths or both.  A strong sense of offensive strategy, adaptability, and patience per footstep can overthrow even the most powerful defenses; it all depends on who is who and what is what basically.  I say neither really needs to be overpowered with Elite boosts or new things without the opposite receiving something equal.


And to the original post, it would be neat to have weather effects such as:

1.Winter lands having occasional gusts of winds to slow down enemy or all troops.

2.Desert or Volcano lands have such great heat that will set some troops of one or both sides on fire for a few seconds and the Volcano be able to shoot fireballs in replacement of spontaneous combustion or in addition.

3.Mystic Gardens, Autumn Glade, Highland Meadows could give an occasional moral boost to both sides based on side performance like offense destroying a streak of buildings or defense  because of the fair weather having a moral boost effect or an energy effect for being a nice day.

4.Haunted Forest and Graveyard could spawn goblins every so often to attack more preferably the offense and or maybe poison or slow the troops at certain areas because of the haunted or gloomy presence.


Of course in return for added effects maybe the landscapes have different price ranges based on usefulness, etc. And of course these ideas are bizarre and difficult to implement in this version of the game safely so idea for Royal Revolt 3