Let us pick our discounted packages

I don’t understand why the in-game purchase packages are so random. After a player gets to a certain level, he knows exactly what he needs.


Right now, I need 2-3 more workers. But every package is a spell package or a gold package, which I have no use for.


I’m willing to plunk down real cash for the discounted items, if they’re the items I actually need. I can’t imagine why it has to be so random.


Really, multiple packages should be offered, or allow us to customize them, like this:




Choose your package of upgrades for 80% off! (Minimum XXX gems worth of discounted upgrades required for purchase):


[worker] x [n]

[spell] x [n]





Then we can spend as much as we want and buy as many gems as is needed for our custom packages.


Flare has missed many opportunities to take my cash. It can offer the regular packages to entice low-level players, but give us custom or additional packages, too.


Sometimes, by the time a package has come through again, I’ve slogged through the game and gotten the upgrades, albeit much more slowly. But that’s painful for me and less money for Flare.

Just got another spell package… :slightly_frowning_face:

they appear normally when you don’t have enough gems and that temps you to buy them. I had the same problem. no offers for months whilst I had lots of gems and then I spend them by accident (3x now ive touched my phone and instantly completed an upgrade on max spells or towers cost me 3k+ gems - dodgy phone screen. sorry to hi jack but they need a “are you sure you want to” button) anyway… the “worker package +3” came along … luckily I hadn’t claimed some of the achievements and didn’t have to buy any gems.


I get that it costs more per gem to buy gems in smaller amounts and so they make more money from us, but why if someone chooses to buy say 10k or 20k or whatever then they don’t get the same offers coming through.


I also have the suspicion that granny may be similar. never get offers when I have gems.


Thing is, if they did have offers I would prob buy them and then have to consider buying more gems when the next tempting thing comes along. e.g legend gear, if they offered items that were useful id buy them and then in 5 levels time think, “hang on I need to replace all these again”…but if they do that then they are helping those who are playing players and its unfair to free players.


Sorry to hear about all the accidental purchases!


I always have low gems because I’m mid-game and can’t get sufficient gems from Diamond League. So you’d think I’d get them one right after another. But nope.


They’ve had this gem sale the past few days and I’d like to couple it to the worker package, but all I get is spell package and gold package nowadays. The gem offer is almost over so I’ll probably get back to just grinding it out, slowly, and less time spent at the game.


Flare can have my money if they make it appealing. But it’s not appealing. Like I said, Flare should offer more than one upgrade package or let us customize them. Why not just let people buy what they want at a deal they find acceptable?