Let's discuss about the princess and the villain with ninjas


There was a recent announcement that we can also play as princess. Now the question is 

Is the King and princess interchangeable?

will the princess have the same power or new powers?

Is it just a figurative difference?

Any information on this is welcome. Also  this means a new update, any other things to expect?


hope they fix the bugs…they give new update so players forget the bugs it seems


Yea true. Wonder something else is on the cards?

As i red correctly from fb post you can change character whenever you want, you just change the sex in fact nothing more. But in another comment i red also that you can have more customization for your king/princess, let’s see what kind of “customizations” we’ll be able to do =)

Hopefully we can save different item sets 

Moreover an update based only on customization for the character is nothing and it could be a disappointment only this, so i expect something more.

I think the princess can cook for the king at the kitchen to minimize the usage of breads for raiding,lol

Should be a queen, not a princess.  

I hope she comes with a big wardrobe… Probably will cost extra  diamonds to get a designer cape and high heels  to walk the catwalk to the enemy gate…


i need some red heels

I a golden rolling pin…

princess Micky

Where did that troll go… ,?

this is the princess 


she is not a kings type 

she got no heels and no rolling pin

she look half man half woman or just gay


Its just the frst preview of the update. I bet there is more to come.


i hope so

was expecting Elsa/Rapunzel-like character, strong feminist ones

There will be more updates. Will be revealed this weekend. I hope they do not destroy the game. Hopefully, this update will be the one everyone is looking forward to.  :rolleyes:

No you’re mistaken … that’s your princess

Princess Micky looks completely different (scroll upwards), and is much more modern…

The princess is just the main highlight of this update like insta-troops. So I would be closely tracking the other features too. This again proves, Flare does listen. I just hope, some bugs are fixed & there is no unfair inclusion.

Better late than never about the princess character