Let's discuss v4.0 here.

First of all thanks RR2 team for the beautiful update. It was long awaited. I hope this update will make most of the players happy. 

Now, there are a lot of new things to explore. So if someone finds something new plz post here so that everyone can know that. 

So far I have enjoyed every bit of the grand update except that my personal gold will be of no use in conquest mode( sorry, if I’m wrong).

There’s really nothing to enjoy until conquest mode starts. Everything else remains the same, no new levels for anything at all.

If you don’t start upgrading your stronghold now then you will lose Conquest

I’m satisfied about snake tower and gargoyle boosts.

Don’t forget the Heavenly Haven tent boost!

Since the upgrade, I get constant disconnect when I try to chat with a friend. It’s weird that we don’t get additional levels on buildings, troops and so on.

Then about conquest mode. We need to upgrade three buildings individually. Costs start with 1 gem, going up to 4k gems for level 8 (max). Everyone should be able to upgrade to level 3 with daily gem plus monthly chests. After that, upgrade of 100 gems, going up to 4k.

That’s a lot of gems. Honestly, again it turns into a payer game. The ones with highest member buildings plus alliance buildings have a huge advantage. 

I forgot, alliance buildings (5) can be upgraded with alliance gold. Only point that satisfied me is that video chests give rewards again, but for what cause? I maxed everything, except conquest buildings. I hope the new gems chests contain enough gems and aren’t a casino element again.

Don’t forget building your basic buildings require using gems… good thing is that ads for windows has returned and they are working :wink: For the rest… lets just wait.

How aften can we send Resources from Our 3 private buildings in the stronghold?  

Does cooldown change according to buildings Level or what?

as always, wait or pay$$

Only get all the answers after playing it 2-3 times

It is sad that they are demanding thousands of gems again, like aliance tower + blacksmith arent enough. Lets mention that this mode requires alliance gold and this will be a huge problem for many alliances- keep boosts running and build conquest thingies at the same time.

Confused as to why my players keep changing district areas? And you cannot see yourself? Wtf?


Its just a list that shows the lvl of stronghold tower of ur other members 

Higher lvl corresponds to higher district number 

you have to wait until the building is full before sending it.  unless you wiling to pay to send it early
initial looks seems it will take 48 to max a building for all levels 

Why no notification on completion of any upgrade in stronghold page. This is sad. 

I would rather have a list of conquest building levels per player, instead of having to click around the building and see who has what level. It will be also a part of accepting or declining players, I bet soon the condition will be added for top teams to have all three buildings at level 8, but for other teams it could be level x.

Can be strategical advantage to see this info in an overview. For example I could upgrade an individual building to level 7 (8 is max) with my current gems. We could spread upgrade of those three types over the players of a team, when group a would focus on training, group b on university and group c on stone, I bet it would be more efficient than when all players focus on all three types. 

But for that, we need a descent list. I also miss the list of buildings in upgrade. Now we need to click them individually to see what happens.

I like the new info in cof, giving in detail the odds of what you can get.

how do I see who else is with me in my zone to upgrade my zone buildings?

Don’t think you can see yourself in a district.

Haven’t seem anything about districts that matters


Now the million dollar question. 

During first war seasons we saw top teams letting members constantly leave and enter teams to participate. This was leading to teams fighting 2+ teams at once.

During conquest mode, is there a cooldown for players who join to participate and donate resources? When not, I bet players enter plus leave to donate resources to an alliance in a rapid stage. So what is done to prevent this scenario during conquest mode? 

Also, what happens with players who leave the conquest or with teams who go below 15 members?

I think it’s just a preview and not that important, because in my alliance I found a district with 5 members and another one with 2 members.