Let's end the summer with a bang!

Hi Kings and Queens,

The summer was already pretty hot everywhere, but we decided to top it off with a dragon!

So get your cold drinks ready and put your sunglasses on (make sure your crown doesn’t fall off though :slight_smile: , because this Thursday is about to get hot!

Leave a “?” as a comment if you are excited :slight_smile:

More details tomorrow! :slight_smile:



Hm, how many Summer Festival threads do we have here?


This thursday We’ll get to see a new dragon pal??

@Madlen, I think it’d be a good idea to move these last 2 announcements into General. This way it doesn’t look like there are more Official Announcements being released

1.Wrong section this should be in General Discussion

2.its not sommer but summer. Correct the title its hurt the eye

If really its a festival Thursday. I will play like before non stop to up my gold and improve my stuffs. Finally


So is this festival two days long, like everything lately, or is it gonna be actually attendable?

And what does “festival” mean in this scenario?

What do you leave if you can’t be bothered?

Don’t care

if you truly don’t care then really shouldn’t have said anything here at all. No one will care whether you don’t care

Aska for free is suspicious tbh. the only valuable item in festival shop and one of the best pals. There will be a new pal or aska will be nerfed- i feel it in my bones.

Hi guys, I will close this thread now. It was teasing for the summer festival. Since it has started I think it is ok to close it :slight_smile: