Let's give Warriornator a big welcome back!

Welcome back Warriornator!

Welcome back  :slight_smile: @Warriornator

Hi everyone. Good to see you all :slight_smile: this thing miss me lol

I feel sorry for Gala.

WN is back?! :open_mouth:

I can’t wait to see some gold ole’ fashioned Cromka vs. Warriornator face-off’s again

Hope not. I’m not here for that. What happen in the past must stay in the past. Now its time to look forward. 

If that was me I would have rebuild my Youtube Channel and my game today but I am on Ethernet Cable and sadly all stuffs on Windows 10 work only on Wifi like Microsoft Store and Microsoft Edge,etc…

My Wifi Usb have broke February 27th and I buy new one on Amazon but with what happen between Donald Trump and the hate of Canada. I guess its the reason why its now a pain to buy something in USA anymore. I have receive news my new USB will come at March 7th but delay at 9th, now 13th and now 14th. So I have no clue when I will receive my news Wifi USB

if and I say If I receive it like mentioned in my email I should be able to restart all my game and all March 14th. If nothing happen until that of course

Good news finally I receive my Wifi USB :slight_smile: I can now restart all my game and my Youtube Channel right now. So I install this and start

my joy happen too much fast. I am disappointed I got a full surprise. My internet work well I can surf on Firefox but I encounter a problem and I have no clue how to fix it

My Wifi USB don’t appear in Network Status. first problem

second problem Wifi properties is disconnected who make a third problem

IPV4 and IPV6 not connected so i cannot use Microsoft Store or any game. No connection

I have reset my modem and router, use all trick on internet with ipconfig renew/release and other command in command prompt

my feeling is Windows 10 think I am still on Ethernet Cable maybe the reason

so if you know how to solve this will be appreciated

I will continue to search on google if I can find the problem. Last time I got a problem weird like this was in Windows XP lol

Finally after all day to try to fix this, I have found and fix the problem. So if you have the same problem one day. Just watch my video on my youtube. I show all step one by one

I have no idea why he came back.

its seems like  Stogholms syndrom for me)

It seems now we will know everything about his wifi, his laptop, his flat, his electricity and about everything, ofc with a posts about how are devs not smart and how are this game dying

really fourofjacks is right( but we all remember WN conspiracy theory-  cromka is @Fourofjacks


the biggest thing i never can understood- is why anyone need to play game which he dnt like.


you ruined his consecutive posts.

I think his next video he will show us next how to turn a computer into a refrigerator.

but maybe that wont work over wifi, and it has to be done over ethernet


You forget about his brother

i bet his brother is Ilon Mask abd WN will use free global wifi


bte i think this come to game and leave game- who are f***g care about? Really guys cmn, mostly epic drama posts from players i even dnt know

@GalaMorgane or @KKStar or other modo cna close this topic please. I have done to write what I have to write. Inform my friends about me,etc…thanks

Topic Closed as wished.