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  On 2/22/2016 at 10:43 PM, RevenanT said:

  1. This is a Tower Defense and Tower Offense game. Unique in some sorts. So, in what game there are ENDLESS upgrades for real money!? WITH A CHANCE ON THEM!? (you could now level up certain aspects of your towers/troops/spells for pearls). You can say “well, it’s not a mandatory to pay to get the pearls!” and it would be a scam - pearls gain is very limited per day, and with a new boost to blacksmith (oh yeah! you couldn’t increase pearl production number, you increased the speed! Now I need to spend 10 hours per day, farming gold to buy items and then melt them and then pay for melting, just to keep up with those guys who can easily spent 10 000$ per month on this game? (all my efforts would be of no use anyway)). Just imagine, I would attack a guy, whos towers I cannot destroy with 3-4 Sonic Blasts, cause of all the money he invested into the game! 

2.You make an update right before the alliance wars, with 10 more alliance levels, when even 1 extra slot would result in the balancing change? And what would be the cost? Around 3000$+ for the 10 extra levels, I suppose? 

  1. You removed a way to get rid of our trophies to get gold on lower levels of this game, and now on top level THERE IS NO GOLD! And all of your “new levels” require much of that gold! 



Hello RevenantT,


first of all, thanks for your post. Some answers:


  1. Pearl-Upgrading of Towers, Obstacles, Spells, Troops


  • There are no endless upgrades for Pearls. There is a limit and the limit depends on the aspect you wanted to upgrade. Typically it is around ~30% of the base strength.

  • We know that players will need more Pearls, so we did a number of things.

>> we increased the number of pearls the blacksmith can melt per day.

>> we increased the number of hero-items you get in the CoF

>> we increased the number of hero-items you get from Chests

>> we increased the amount of Pearls you get from CoF

>> we increased the amount of Pearls you get from Chests

>> we added new ways to get Chests 

>> we will have events inwhich you can earn more Pearls frequently.


There will never be a situation inwhich a Pearl boosted tower would become so powerful that you cannot destroy with 3-4 Sonic Blasts. Never ever. 


We have been approached very often by players who said, if you add a little bit range to Troop A, I could use it. If you add a little bit power to Tower B, I would know a new strategy. If the Cooldown of Spell C would a bit smaller, then I could use it for my raids. So that is the reason, to give you the chance to discover new strageies and to adapt the gameplay elemets towards your style of play.




  1. Alliance-Levels


  • The extra Alliance Levels do not add extra slots of players for two reasons.

>> We feel with 60 players the Alliances are big enough.

>> We did not want to put you in a situation where you feel forced to level your Alliance very quickly just to stay competitive in wars. We hope that it will be a much more long-term approach even for top-alliances. 



  1. Gold


  • We know that it is very likely that after the upgrade there might be not enough Gold. That is a situation we do not like. We did the following to hopefully prevent this:

  • Together with the server-update that unlocks the new levels of the most buildings, troops and spells we also added changes to the Gold economy balancing.

>> You will get a lot more Gold “subventions” per battle.

>> Also the Gold you find in CoF will be higher.

>> And then you will find better gold rewards from the chests.

>> Hopefully the extra Tavern levels and the production boost will also help.


So hopefully the situation that you describe is not happening. Anyway we will have a close eye on it and increase the Gold-bonus if necessary.






7 months later and they have made everything so MUCH BETTER! Jan sure did not disappoint us! The game has flourished!    so many new members!  so many new alliances!  finally some excellent competition between our top TWENTY alliances with 120 fiefs!  so many challenges to win wars now that do not involve just skull perks! no more player swapping! no more mercs!  no more ways to cheat and get endless gems with vpn’s in order to buy endless Ubers to get that 4th and 5th perked item!  no more same boring layouts! no more extremely high perked defenses being no scrolled by any avg joe now!  I for one Jan could not be happier with the fantastic job you all did!  


Thanks again!  Amazing Job!  Royal Revolt 2 will definitely be the game to play in 2017 as well!!!   

Nice sarcasm!

Well, I have enjoyed this game in the past year. Maybe it’s because I didn’t much dollars in it and that I’m not in a top alliance. I mean, what is the point of being first ? Pride ? I enjoy the social aspect of this game but I could’nt care less about winning an imaginary prize in an imaginary war.

If you are pissed about changes in a game, you should really look at your goals in life and maybe accept the fact that you suffer from a game addiction. Spending hundreds if not thousands on a mobile game is not normal nor sane. Enjoy the game as it is or do something else. RR2 is not your life. RR2 is not that important. 

I enjoy the game as a casual 3$ gem package buyer.

That way I feel good paying a bit for the product that was created and also enjoy the game without too much pressure.    For the price of a latte per month, this game is good

Competition is competition.  Whether it’s in a handheld game or on a basketball court.  You can simply not practice or exercise ever and get dominated when you play your sport of choice or you can practice and get better.  Sure, we’re all here for the social aspect too, but I’m not sure I agree that winning is nothing.  

There’s more to winning than just being best, it’s about supporting the other people around you and having them support you back.  It’s a nice feeling when everyone comes together to defeat an enemy.  If the game and wars are so pointless, why even raid or even connect to it in the first place.

I have enjoyed some of the last year as well, I just want the game to be fair as much as possible and more about the players and less about how FG can extract more money from us. We have daily chests and that’s about it, 2 ubers for free in the month.  The rest is simply gold for upgrades and pearls or pearls.

The ninja event should be designed to help us, instead everyone wants it as hard as possible with less winners.  I don’t get that.  Plenty of other games have gifts for their members and places to farm items that aren’t disguised gems traps.  For those of us who are competitive, finding gears should be possible in other ways that don’t involve a chance lottery system.

I still hold hope that things may get better…

Well at the same time u need the paying players, casual paying players and free players in the game.   So thx to the paying players

Lets go down memory lane for myself:

  • First installed the game in 2015/03; played for an hour and forgot about it

  • On 2015/07/24 - had an extreme bad day at work - I came in the next day to resign but changed my mind and took 1 week leave. During that week I started to play RR2 daily.

  • Started to like the game and got my whole family to play it. My son started the Pi alliance and we all joined in with some friends

  • We won a few wars - but then things got difficult - we created more accounts on Windows and Bluestack and all was good again

  • Things got harder and I started to played 24/7, collecting bread at 1:00am, 3:00am and 5:00am during the night.

  • Wife got very mad. Continue to play. SD card overheat on 25 Dec (chrismas) and everything stopped. My present was not to be able to play (as support was also on holiday)

  • I realise things was not good, life out of balance - I was addicted to RR2. Ban RR2 for everyone in my family including myself.

  • Start playing again in Feb 2016 but with very high restrictions on my playtime 

  • Life goes on…


I have made many suggestions for the game. I have receive many gems in compensation for different bad events.  I have asked for many things. I have pleaded for things. I have used scary statements to get responses. I have gotten mad at times. The thing I came to realise is that “why do anyone need to play any game forever?” We want closure in our lives, “why do we expect people to play RR2 forever?” I think people really want to move on and do other things, why start a whole conversation and say “I am leaving!, Bye”.

The thing is that there is a social aspect that makes it very difficult to leave this game. You make friends and you work together and live together and you have a responsibility to them. I have sometimes spend hours chatting to leaders to organise for my friends to join top alliances. Other times I have spend weeks pleading with my friends to leave again. They just can not do it. I have even asked some leaders to excuse players for a season.  Once they leave the alliance - moving on and stop playing the game is easy. 

But - while we play - lest enjoy it.  :slight_smile:

Been where you were. When I left my 1st alliance after being there so long it was like breakup with a girlfriend. I spent way to much money on this game and have pretty much quit spending after the ninjas.I was wanting to quit also, the game suck time out of life. Had to find a place were I could enjoy the game and life.

Wish Flare would make this easier. Like less battles in war and not have them on the weekend.

Sorry to be Rude…

But Flare server is been recently reseted… So no more old memory…

Draw a new history…

If you ask to be excused for something bad you are going to do - does not make sense to me.

O no - I said something rude back - sorry, lol hahah,  :slight_smile: :wink: .

(Maybe these things does help to make me feel better when I do rude things - but it surely does not do the same for the receiver) 

Whats with people creating new account to post frustration on the forum ? 


to protect their main acc ofc, what else?

What is the use if hes quitting anyway judging by the name 

i’m sure it’s only “quitting”… notice his last sentence “Thanks again!  Amazing Job!  Royal Revolt 2 will definitely be the game to play in 2017 as well!!!”  :rolleyes: