Let's melt down low level chests to make Uber chests!

At my level, nearly all my normal-through-legendary chests are useless. Every once in a while I need a Legendary chest filled with gold, but otherwise the only chests that matter are uber chests.

I’d like to melt all my chests down to make more Ubers!

The following conversions would be great to get 1 Uber chest. 1 Uber chest can be granted from melting the following number of each chest type:

  • 3 Legendary
  • 6 Epic 
  • 9 Rare
  • 15 Magic
  • 24 Normal

So melting 3 Legendary chests yields 1 Uber chest, of course. And the conversion makes sense because 3 Legendary chests is not only 3 Legendary items, but also 12 other pretty good items. Meltdown requires gold, maybe even a significant amount (like 2M to melt one Legendary chest) to make the process competitive. The melting process should NOT require more gems or gem slots; if a player has already maxed blacksmith slots, he should have full slots available for chest melting. (Don’t be greedy; be kind, Flare!)

Once you melt down a chest, you can never get back its contents. You keep the “Uber Credits” until you get an Uber chest. Only max and maybe pre-max level blacksmith ought to be able to take advantage of this feature.