Let's talk about Girls !

This is not a dating site but let’s have some fun:  :sunglasses:


So by now it’s obvious that it’s mostly guys on this forum, so let’s do what guys do best ( Talk about chicks )  :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s your idea of " Perfect Girl " 


A perfect girl for me would be a girl who has a simple beauty and intellectual and can share her own perspectives and ideas with me whether they are about some documentary i just watched and we’re sharing opinions or just random conversation. A girl who knows how to act like a lady but be playful and fun when it’s time. A girl who enjoys the finer things in life but is not a gold digger.


List your ideas of your dream girl


Perhaps share some crazy stories if you guys have any  :rolleyes:

best thing i read today i burst out laughing


well guess we should be pg-13 and below so ill share the personality, she needs to be atleast as smart as me, i like girls that tend to be a bit talkative about more random things, it can be everyday things that happen then bam we are describing the path history might have taken if ants were 100x their size now.


comforting and sweet, im not big into going to the bar and out every weekend so i prefer a woman who wants to watch netflix and cuddle :slight_smile:


oh course we all here are into gaming to some degree so finding a woman thats into it too is always awesome lol

she needs to be like my sister!

umm lol besides related at the highest degree by blood which im sure isnt what you meant what are her traits lmao

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what is this? a battle of words? whatever it is i’m loving it!  :grinning:

my personal favorite is that no one is moderating this yet but ive taken quite a bit from hsmk already and ill be sure to keep it up :wink:

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