Let's talk about Girls !

she needs to be like my sister!

umm lol besides related at the highest degree by blood which im sure isnt what you meant what are her traits lmao

To Anonymous icon( :ph34r: ), attract attention by creating silly topics proved himself to danger, proved to be his understanding, you true that a great king.  <_<__  <_<  <_< 

hsmk, you turned out to be evil. i will hunt you down and take you out. Believe it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

hope that when he was satisfied the punishment for me, he would not want the getting married to mom for me, Instead is my grandmother, and he will pay dearly when dragged my mom from this. __(Fuck You) Anonymous again.

Too much testosterone on this page for me, bye.

everyone writing in big text size depicting the hatred. to you guys, read my signature.


Whoa everybody watch out, the big bad wolf is angry now :stuck_out_tongue:

what is this? a battle of words? whatever it is i’m loving it!  :grinning:

my personal favorite is that no one is moderating this yet but ive taken quite a bit from hsmk already and ill be sure to keep it up :wink:

now no posts related to this topic anymore!

Hey Guys Calm down!! :slightly_frowning_face:

          99% of internet hatred is due to misunderstandings.

i think HSMK misunderstood your joke.

Sarcasm in any language is hard to understand even to those native to that particular language…and HSMK is not an eng speakin guy. 




                                  PEACE BROTHERS…

hahahah. guys keep war on game not her!!