Let's talk about Waves.

There’s a key component of every base, but we never seem to talk about them. Nobody seems to know things like, which waves should be maxed first? Etc. So, there are a few topics I want to address.

  • Unit combinations.

It’s common knowledge that some units go well together. Werewolves and Arblasters, for example, act as great support units. Mummies and Ogres seem like they’d go we’ll together. Mummies’ strength is that they’re great against piercing damage, and that they spawn an additional wave whenever they’re killed. However, they’re weak against Blazing Knights etc. Ogres, on the other hand, deal AoE damage, and can greatly damage a whole army of small units, helping to protect the mummy. So that begs the question, what truly is the best combination of units for wasting the attacker’s time? Is it Mummy + Mummy + Mummy, to force another spell out of the attacker? Is it Ogre + Mummy + Arbs + Frosters, then waves of Ogre + Mummy + Werewolf, to provide damage immunity, to slow the attacking army, and to increase the attack rates of everything thereafter? Or should the starting waves be something else entirely?

  • From Beginning to End

Waves repeat themselves. So aside from choosing combos for the beginning, you also have to consider, which combos work well at the end? This is why I believe that Ogre + Mummy + Arbs & Frosters would go well together, because they can offer Stun, AoE damage, slow effect, and damage immunity effect, right as they come out of the gate. Though they may not seem very effective at the beginning, against an entire army, these effects have some major implications, I’d think.

Also, I ask this for the sake of a Reverse-L base. I find that, at least at my level, it’s best to stall the opposing army at the beginning, let it build itself up, and then bombard it with a mixture of Skulls, Cannons, Arbs, and Mummies from the other lane, which are excellent at distracting and destroying entire armies. Kinda putting all of my AoE damage, resistance, and spell-wasters all in one place to destroy everything that’s been built before then. Anyway, I’ve got a lot of room for Melee power, which is why I’m curious which combinations are best for beginning and for end (: