Lets Talk Paladin

They’re not bad.

With the new strategy they are overpowered. ^^ But I think it is still a bug. Let us see what will come as an update next time.

its not a bug, just poor balancing from flaregames.Paladin however are indeed overpowered but only because defence are useless.Instead of nerfing paladin, I would prefer to see a defence buff.

I think Paladins are ok. its nice to see them back and viable


6 months ago you had mortars in defence now they are useless… and snakes are back. it just means a change of whats the cookie cutter attack method… using Paladins and having to adapt defence to counter them? This all needs to be tested in both attack and defence plus once people start changing everyone copies so this might be the next phases of RR2.


As the new/old boosts can only be won, then for those without those units they have alternative viable methods… we will prob see bases adapting and changing layout, and the units people use may change but this happens every few months. I find using mummies a bit boring its nice to have a change.


We need to give the new boosts time and for Flare to tweak the strength from feedback they receive.


To see Paladins running faster as Hero and smash max boosted Castle Gate down in few seconds seems for me as buggy. Top10 bases are nothing now.


I want to see 10k HP on them to use them in defence successful. And http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/1690-resistance-chaos/?hl=froster<- this should be fixed, too. The resistance from Paladin is important to raid with them against Skulls and bomb towers. With 10k HP they are very good tanks.

WOW for paladin