Letter to developers

Dear developers,


I write this message directly to you guys and i don’t want to involve our Community Manager Aether who so far did a greatful job, because i think you missed the real target: let people enjoy the game.

This “enjoy” terms in long term it has become, in every update, an intend forced gameplay where players have to spend always huge amount of money to sustain themselves, where what we spend is only a swindle in all sense.

Moreover what is really disappointing and bother too much, is that in this forum, we are always the usual and few people that share our concerns, our opinions, suggestions and our problems. We are the players which really take care of the game because we like it. If a person plays this game for more than 1 year it’s not only because we are addict to the game, but also because we see a real enjoyable game with big chances of improvements in the best possible ways.

But seems that since we are only 5% in forum that share our personal opinions and the other 95% is in-game suffer: either because some don’t know english language so they don’t know how share their concerns or because people are too much occupied so they wish but don’t have time to do it or because they don’t know where is the forum or find it is too complicated, seems you plagiarize the big slice of players not thinking instead that the real big part is the 5% because we are the only one that can say you what is good and what is not good.

An example is the last update: the much-awaited Blacksmith Update has proved a big fail again:


  • Big chances to fail even after only 2-3 upgrades, wasting in few seconds our precious pearls so much collected in months;
  • Strange chances to get always useless perks (gargoyle perk, toxic cloud perk, bladestorm perk, paladin perk and many others) where then you are forced to remove perk;
  • The remotion perk is still a stupid thing: 50 gems to remove it after you spend tens of pearls equivalent to 5x of the remotion (why i should spend again gems when i already spent tons of pearls to upgrade it maybe failing);
  • The joke to get the same perk again after you remove the old one is a very terrible joke that make you lose even more money and make you say why i’m still here trying to get something useful from this guy when actually the real usefulness is only in favour of the devs that grap money and to the detriment of the players who do not get anything cheaper from this update;
  • Melting down item that costed us lot of gems or pearls when we bought it, it’s now paid with very few pearls;
  • Where is the sense to buy more meltslots spending thousands of gems, when you can only melt down an item at time?;
  • Pearl conversion is only useful after you buy the last 3 meltslots probably, thing that will require years for many players and that time they will ask themselves if it’s still useful spend such amount of gems to get few pearls by melting down items.


Now how could you think to be so greedy to apply such big amount of gems and pearls to the players where we get in exchange big fails and 90% of time are swindles?

How was possible that this come to your mind when the reason that a person choose a free to play game is because he/she don’t want to have such kind of problems?

Why you don’t simple sell us the game so we can get less problem than get transitions that are out of normal? Where now buy gems is a joke if you take a look at the prices of the Blacksmith and its pearls cost?

What i’ve always looked so far is that you think that every price in gems you apply is allowed by all…not it isn’t. Unfortunately i don’t see no more the old strategic game was long time ago…


If you currently take a look at faces of most of players you see only: anger, loss of time, bother, etc. Instead you should, surely get your part of money by applying prices, but also let free players play the game without scorning or disdain it every time.

A developer should be proud seeing people enjoy its game entirely made by him and his team and not, i’m sorry to say, be proud because he only likes the green paper enter in his pocket.

With this argument i want that you realize where are you throwing a game like this, a fanstastic game that can’t be replaced by any others (talking about the same strategic game) in my opinion. You should take action immediately, time is crucial in a game where programming require time.


You’ll lose not only the free players but also those players that spend few money if you’ll apply continuously useless payments of money, gems, pearls…

I would like to get an answer from devs regarding this big issue that in my opinion is not to underestimate. I think i’m not the only one that wish don’t like see this game fade away because of perfidious treatments to the players that instead care of the game.





ffs stop crying. they did a new update and everybody is crying. this update is not supposed to get to its limits after a few days. it will take time just like the waves. its true it costs a huge amount of pearls to upgrade but who cares. once ur smith is maxed it will take him 10 mins per pearl so you get at least 2-3 try a day for free. only point to agree is that a perk should be removed after you removed it yourself once

Totally agreed. And blacksmith is one of many problems. Me and my ally are already over our heads, and we are looking for another game.

I was a player who liked the engine, and also made videos on YouTube, invited many friends, and now I’m ashamed of it. I’m doing the opposite now: spreading to all, how FG is and how they treat players.

I think that’s why Royal Revolt makes no sucess compared to other games with same style. That’s because the players notice how the staff is, and many things the game miss (for exemple: global chat and replays of attacks (the basic things))

just dropt it bye.


shame on you

Who is this five-posts-guy? C’mon, you dont cheat us, we know exactly kinds of you

lol check me ingame. sry but i dont have so many posts like you crying like a bitch


Yes just after we spend 26k gems… wow intelligent guy right here…

nobody forces you to spend 26k gems. if you rlly want all slots safe gems. you get a lot in war and league. it will take time of course but you can still do it. this game is a free to play game. however they do make mistakes and as you see you can they try to listen to the comunity. but thats the reason you alll should stop crying edit Aether

He’s a mental. Leave it, just ignore. Lol



Please stay correct and polite, and avoid any offensive vocabulary.

Agreed with every word. Thx oPelle.

Melt down is quite a weir idea from flare , i only unlock 2 slot and now i wish i only unlock 1 , i feel sad for all crazy guys who are too exited and unlock like 5,6,7,8… slot . Granny offer alot of item can only bough buy gems or pearl after the update so even if i want to use the melt down , i cant unless i have to spend some more gems … LoL

I love this letter, very well worked. I gotta differ on a point: Useless perks, some of them that we hate might be useful for some other players (they’re weird if they love the toxic cloud perk, but it could happen). So the obvious solution is to make a perk for everything because it doesn’t make sense to just make perks for a few things. As players’ opinion will differ in that matter, here comes a suggestion that some people have already made: Being capable of choosing what perk we want, or at least an option to tell the blacksmith that we’ll fire him if he gives us gargs toughness  <_<

Hi guys,


I totally agree with oPelle.

As many of us did write earlier the game started to be like much more a P2W - not just in individual level but in alliance level as well.

TOP alliances = players who have more money = more gems = more pearls = more power = they will be on the TOP forever.

And new players have no chance to get there just being a very good defender or raider. They have to spend a lot of money.

Or just buy an old account for 100$.


Where is the fun?


I agree about, if u remove perk, how come you get same perk again in same item???

I got 2 timed food on my cape, and again 2 times food on my other cape…

My gear is full of toxic :cloud:, and mortar :slightly_frowning_face:

And i did spend 2000 pearls on this black heart smith.

Agree with this


I agree the greed of FG makes more and more players quit. They are attracting some new players and might possibly win some old players back with new up dates but remember the game is suppose to be FUN to play not pay lots of $$$ to have some fun


Almost true Bladestorm, but the game started to be very difficult for new players. In lower level we have to teach a lot of them not just about strategy and tactics, but the game itself.

This did not happen earlier; the game was clear and easy to understand.

Now with voucher system, with different elites and conditions from war season to war season, with Blacksmith slot-machine it is more complicated, so a lot of new players were frightened about it and quit the game soon.

Upgraded a ring 4 times… Failed every time … I cant stand it aaagh!!