Letter to the Community Regarding Windows Desktop Downtime

Dear Royal Revolt 2 community,


On Friday, we mistakenly released an incorrect version of the game, requiring us to immediately withdraw it from the Windows store and disable access to our servers from anyone who downloaded this version. Unfortunately, this has left many of you unable to enjoy Royal Revolt 2 over the weekend. For this, we sincerely apologize.


This was an error on our end and we have taken all necessary steps to ensure it does not repeat itself. The corrected version has now been approved by Microsoft and will enable you all to get back into your kingdoms right away as soon as you update.


We are also aware that some of our users had purchased Gold Shields prior to this outage and were unable to effectively use them. That shield would still have been active during the outage, but anyone on Windows desktop who lost access to the game and purchased a Gold Shield that overlapped the outage should file a customer support ticket so that we can arrange a refund.


This weekend, we had also been running a gems sale that as a result of our error, Windows desktop users were unable to access. We will extend that sale for all Windows desktop users so that you get the same access to those deals that everyone else had.


We understand your frustration and appreciate the patience you’ve shown as we worked to restore full service to our loyal Windows desktop community.


Thank you for your continued support,


Klaas Kersting CEO, flaregames