Letter to the people about events

Dearly beloved friends - and enemies (You know who you are - and I swear I will get my revenge someday):

I don’t understand why people clamor so much for an event schedule. I’ve seen countless threads on the forums and miscellaneous posts on Twitter and Facebook to this effect; however, I think such a schedule goes against the rest of the game’s mechanics. For example, think of starter packages/gold digger packages/unit packages/spell packages/worker packages. They appear without warning, and are hard to take advantage of without spending $$. Well, events are similar: they appear without warning and reward paying players the most. People get upset that there isn’t a schedule because you can still take advantage of them as a free player if they were prepared. However, these events are a privilege, not a right. We as players should not complain when Flaregames is trying to be nice to us. True, it’s not quite as nice as we would like, but we should be thankful to get anything at all.

Although I will say I wouldn’t mind having a schedule myself, I will also say that it is not desperately needed. If Flaregames wants to be nice to us, why don’t we try to let them be nice - maybe even express our gratitude to them, be it 100% heartfelt or not - without throwing a big fuss about what we want instead?

And don’t feel like you are alone, missing out on events. I have completely missed on at least 5 events so far due to upgrades I had already started, and I’ve talked to plenty other players that miss them as well. You’re not missing out on something that everybody else has; in fact, I would dare say about 15%-20% of Royal Revolt’s players fail to make use of each event.

Also, don’t forget how many packages you haven’t bought. Why are you not complaining about not buying those?

  • Sincerely,

smiles! :slight_smile:

P.S. Man, that closing sounds so dorky.

P. P. S. You know how it feels when you try to be nice to someone and they just kinda throw it back in your face, added with some sort of snarky remark? Just because Flaregames is a company comprised of many people doesn’t mean they don’t feel that, too.

I’m sure don’t see the events as Flare “being nice” at all.  Just like everything else in the game, it creates anticipation and curiosity.  In turn this keeps players coming back to watch videos, buy gems, etc.  It’s all about how much time players spend playing.  So please don’t think this is a game company “being nice”.  Flare should be interested in any improvement that will keep people playing their game and not playing something else.

Actually, they are being nice… they are the only Role-Playing Tower Defense game out there right now. There are a lot of players that wouldn’t quit even if there were no events. After all, Royal Revolt has been around for like what, 1.5 years now?

And yes, it earns Flare more money; and yes, they want as many players as possible playing for as many hours as possible; but no, that doesn’t mean they can’t be nice. The number of people on the forums here clattering for stuff is relatively small when compared to all the rest of the players that don’t say anything at all. And it’s not like Royal Revolt is their only app, either. They don’t need these events to be successful.