Level 101

Hi everyone,


after playing today i noticed some Players at the Top 10,

with Level 101 and Athene wich cost 200.000 dominance points.


now my Question is: How is that possible? Did they spend so much Money on Gems?

I just can’t imagine that they play normal xD the other Guys at Top 10 are max Level 50.


Well how many Dominance Points i get around Level 50 per day?

atm i have the Minotaurus Island with 11 dominance Points,

Level 34 and 1650 dominance Points…just wondering how it can rise by arround 12100% in 67 more Levels :slight_smile:



Thank you 



Almost makes me think it’s a dev test account or something. 

Even if you spend many gems how can you get that much dominance?  It’s mostly gathered from chests and quests. The ones you get for holding islands is so tiny. I’m 45 btw. With 3100 dominance.

The only possibility here is that the person has bought godlike chests but I’d that actually realistic? 

Wouldn’t always get  dominance and the price on those are extremely steep. Would need 100’s of those chests and it would contain a random factor also.  So either a hacker or a dev test is my bet 

This is an ordinary player . We communicate quite well with it. He brings a lot of money in the game .

We also have one,  and if you think about it,  they have almost everything maxed , with controlling all the islands… all the time. your getting around 300 every 8 hours. i would assume.  I belive they spent alot of gems to upgrade. After upgrading getting the bull horns is not so hard.   Also notice you get bull horns when you buy the 100 dollar packs.  That value or # of bull heads you get goes up every time you buy a pack.  So I think it is doable, but cost alot.

The $ would have been astronomical, probably all on a credit card and then they’ll file a complaint and say it wasn’t them.