Level 14 defense ninja's need balancing

As the title says.  What we have now with defense ninja’s is seriously out of whack.  The current ninja’s are not taken out by a single spell, except for very specific circumstances.  They can be killed if a toxic cloud (TC) is preemptively used directly before their spawn.  Another option is to combine two spells together, such as TC and firestorm (FS).  I don’t believe this is very balanced as I have spoken with other players who are facing sub level 14 defense ninja’s and their experience with them is that they die with 1 spell, they kill them solo with their king, or they can be effectively ignored.  

Another observation is that defense ninja’s are completely resistant to spells while they are dashing, even if they are within range (before and after dash) of the spell.  What this means is that any duration based spell loses a portion of the effectiveness of the spell while the ninja is dashing.  And, as the dash as soon as they spawn, they do not typically take damage when they first spawn unless a spell was cast before they spawned.

Defense ninja DPS.  Do they really need to be more effective at killing the king than another or combination of units.  5 ninja’s kill a king quicker than a group of raged ogres.  LT’s were added to kill the king.  Were ninja’s only added in defense to do the same?  A bit frustrated after dying over 20 times in less than 2 days of war from ninja’s only.

Ninja stats: 12,274 health, resistance to fire and piercing @ 100%, weakness 200% to poison.

Raiding stats: TC - 7,570 * 2 = 15,140 damage to them (they don’t die)
Sonic Blast - 16,445 (takes off less than 50%, despite the fact they should die)
Firestorm - 9,801 (takes off close to 90%, despite having resistance, they still don’t die)

When lower level kings tell me that any of those spells kill their ninja, I think there’s a bit of an issue.  Please address, I’m not a gem ATM and prefer the game to be at an enjoyable level, right now it’s pretty terrible.


Impressions of non maxed ninja’s can be found here - 


Great post Heldeep. You summarized the issues well. After the last ninja event the ninjas at first were not working properly. Now they are over the top. Seems a setting needs to be adjusted still.

This isn’t a issue with level 14 ninja’s only… I am mostly facing level 12 Ninja and they are nasty and smack me down in no time… The option to take them down quickly is pure Luck as they appear randomly and are dashing almost instantly… Raids are already slow thanks to double defensive boosts and now even the option of rushing ahead solo is Gone… Please look into this at earliest…

I liked this ninja in top bases

i became dyed often and its nice


please make game harder, no need nerf ninja please.

its game abd we all need challenge, so ninja cool.


if somebody dnt wanna terrible game-he can fight in 5200-5500 and have fun.

but when i had 50 sec in each top base(before) - whats terrible!

top raiders dying twice in my base… yeah, seems balanced.  It’s your opinion, but reviving for 36 gems per raid isn’t what I would call fun, it’s not really challenging, it’s more lame.  Btw, never seen a vid from you with 50 sec left on a top base during war.   Combine that with the war boosts this season, as DK likes to say, i’m waiting, you can do it =)

you aree wrong cromka, its not about the challenge . its about to have a fair game, ninjas in defense dont even die, even if you use 3 spells on them, that is just crazy

BUt why they need die? Some towers not die after 2 spells we need remove them?

i see how now tought base! Its nice coz thats challenge,espessially in sculls gears

Really this ninja is not so hard,like perked towers,may be we need remove all perked base?) not

i dnt see so big problem from ninja( 

we here not blame each other,its just my opinion. I tired what 5000 can beat 6000 ,its not right. Now its become better

They need to behave like they do for the rest of the players in the game.  They need to have a counter, right now it’s pure luck to get a spell in before they spawn and SB does nothing to them.  Besides war boosted arbs (which heal as they die), there isn’t another troop that behaves like the ninja’s.  I know you want an unplayable game, despite dropping down to lower tiers (for helping friends ofc), but I would imagine the populous of the player base doesn’t feel like dying each time they rush ahead to kill towers at the game or try to make up time with 2 defensive boosts running.  Oh, I forgot, you’re raiding mid tier alliances… it must feel nice.  Let’s not hijack my post please.  


middle tier-i was in vacation and yep got only 4500 tier. U really care in what tier inwas and i will be? Is it matter for u? Why? For example i dnt care in which tier u will be. 

Before i really no have matter be in 5900+. I dnt need ubers and dnt need impress someone here) now its become important) if ninja so good,becose i dnt see their r so good and strong. U need just not going ahead like crazy and all will be good.

im 6000+ now and raiding mid tier ally like apo and rl. I agree in this

this is forum everyone can answer,if u wanna privat -write them in pm.

i hope flare will make game harder.

donators on top,others in middle

wanna beat top base?top 50, for example-spent gems and donate to ur spells and troops.or u need really have skills! And change combo for diff bases

no way if 5000 can beat koonin with 40 sec


ryan i checked ur base

ur ninja died from 1 my poison

whats about ur post?


Cool, your one raid proves everything.  Case closed I guess.  We can all move on now I guess since you solved it for everyone.  Unlike you, I’ve been raiding heavily forged bases for the past few days in war gear and have witnessed firsthand what I described above.  Instead, you raid me in whatever gear you like to prove to me that what I witnessed isn’t happening.  

If you re-read what I wrote originally you’ll see that they can be killed, but that’s it’s not very consistent.  Typical cromka missing the point.  I put together an honest depiction of what I’ve encountered raiding over 200 times in the last 2 days, all in war gear across multiple accounts.  You can disagree, but as part of your typical method of response, you insult in an unreadable format.


i tell u -ur ninja die from 1 poison. No poison gear.all u need is just check moment to use.

war hard not about ninja only.about new level ,about war boosts.

if u not ready for it -no need play in top may be?

whats point of ur post?

show how u cool with fight against 1 todes which gave up in1 day? Yep u pretty cool!200 fights) oh ,crazy its ur name)


ryan, for me good that i died 6 times now at Su for example. Its really cool,coz its showme i need try another combo at least.or need change timings of my Wok.

as it was harder -as better for all.


btw as ussial, u made post(for whom?for community) and after i wrote my opinion u start wrote ur offend msg about me,low tier,mid ally?



btw even Tranny posted ninja is np)

but change his msg) u worked with him? In rl now only one opinion?))aahahh,totalitarizm₽₽₽₽

Cromka, you chose to fight with me, not the other way around.  I try to understand what you write, but you always seem upset and speed through your posts, making it difficult to ascertain your point, what is it?  I was boasting about beating todes?  Where did I even mention Todes, I was helping out an alliance member who was out of town and observing ninja’s while we were 4 fronted on day 1 and more on day 2.  I guess Todes gave up cause it was well balanced this season.  No, they failed a ton early on because ninja’s with two defensive boosts were a lot to handle.  This combined with map position caused them to quit.  As usual, you comment from the sideline like a know it all.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about how well you understand quitting, now should I?   To answer your question about who the post was for, it was for everyone who’s been raiding in this garbage this season.  I guess king daniel’s observation was wrong on the subject too.  Like I said, you want an unplayable game and that’s fine, I speak for myself and others who have expressed the same concerns to me.  They asked me to post and I did.  Feel free to ignore my posts, I try to ignore yours.

Rayn i even not care about u(

u posted msg to Alysea,Lisa week ago, and i didnt wrote anything about what i dnt see any problem with gold in war.

but it was message for not me,and i dnt answer. This ur msg have no address so its for all.and i wrote my opinion. If u read it now,with quite u will see no offend for u or for others. It was only opinion. But u really wanna drama. Its really matter for u in which ninja tier i fight?) i think not,its only way to blame)


anyway i like this ninja, its really hard even without them,but with them its better.

i dnt want unplayable game,i wanna only one. Noone from 500-1000 place can easy beat top50 with 50 sec. its sucks. 

And yes i hope some wars will be same hell hard! Its cool

Meh, easy season and ninjas are fine

If anything, maybe nerf them so that they dont follow the king more than 2 tiles from the tile they spawn

Odin loves cromka

With some practice your ninja s will get balance


All Valhalla loves me,not just one-eyes god)

For lower level ninjas, they are a joke. A single Blizz or any other spell, wipes them out in notime. The damage they deal to a king is not more than a tickle before they die.

But then, thinking of this again, those who have the level 14 ninjas had very very tough time to get them at the event, so guess they deserve their prize.

Ninjas require revivals or extra scrolling, which require a lot of gems. This is good for Flares income. My assumption is that Flares like it this way…