Level 15 alliance: FALCHETTI King: Ciccio II

We have 4 open space.

We just have active players, if you don’t join the battle during wars you will be kicked.

We have players from level 72 to level 57.

Alliance level 15, trophy: 32.276 18% gold bonus and 9% tax bonus (23 fieldoms)

If you are level 60+ and willing to be part of an active alliance then JOIN us :slight_smile:

Send a friendship request to Ciccio II and send your request to falchetti alliance :slight_smile:

I f you somehow near level 60 you can ask to enter, too :slight_smile:

I will help you level up by posting open bases on chat

We are a very active alliance!


Look for falchetti alliance and ask to join :slight_smile:

Look for me (Ciccio II) and send a friendship request,

Come on guys :slight_smile: we need you!!!

I wish there was a easier say to recruit new people for alliances in this Game :frowning: