Level 18000...

after weeks past without sticking in the map, stopped at 17999, I made some attacks and went to sleep with 18040 …
… and upon awakening …


what’s the point of a game that pushes you not to attack otherwise you get attacked? now the first 100 in the standings are all level 130/131, it is IMPOSSIBLE to rise above 18,000 with lower levels

That’s a “bug”. ?

Amount of cups for each range of levels, annoying, it makes you unable to play until you level up, very disappointing truly…

the storm does not stop … 700 trophies lost in 12 hours after having been several weeks to 17999 without undergoing a single attack!!


Interesting. Something like, Game forgets you when you show any activity. ?? 


simply the game provides (it is not clear why) that a level <130 DOES NOT have more than 17999 trophies. For weeks I was stopped because I was within the first 100, but now that there are more than 100 players of level> 130 that are above 18000, I am condemned not to take the 3 points titan. Is this @CaptainMorgan a fair thing?

looks like your heroes were having a surprise birthday partly for Hercules at Olympus and forgot to invite him :grinning:

That’s really weird algorithms at work, exactly why I won’t bother with trophies until I have max’d everything (and waited for the superforge stuff to go out of date in 2023).

In reality Hércules was in the bathroom…?

Welcome to my world friend nothing new ,happens to me everyday.

Yes I am not kidding about it this thing will happen to anyone if they have lots of trophies for thier levels.

90% of the time I only Receive hits for maximum trophy loss.

@vasudeva1 has said this many times in past but nobody cares about our predicament.???

(P.S. In my case I always lose trophies to level 20+ oppponents for maximum loss and on one or two occations from 25+ higher level players too.)


No, you are correct, this should not happen in such a completely black and white way when you go above 18k. We will look into this.

Thank you very much @CaptainMorgan. In the meantime I arrived at -800 in 14 hours, and all the heroes (including ade and zeus) returned to Olympus. Can you count how many attacks I received in these 14 hours and how many in the previous 14 days? ?

but you want to remove these ridiculous BLOCKS AT ALL LVL s and give even more information? It’s a life that I make this unpleasant thing and now you say "We will look into this " 
continue to ignore what I say and here are the results

I am an active player, I download the level of heroes, I earn gold, often attack, I collect a lot of trophies for the day. But, after I exceed the imaginary threshold of cups at my level, a flurry of attacks falls on me, every 5-10 minutes. I’m not very upset about the lost cups, but at the same time upset about the fact that my characters knock off the Islands and I lose resources and ambrosia to get them back. I have repeatedly dropped my cups 2000 at a time making defeats. This system wants to leave the best…


Quite some months ago I’ve suggested that we need to have an “Auto-collect” feature, so before heroes move back to Mount Olympus, they should store those resources, even when we are offline. This will reduce the frustration a lot, at least I think so. No one will complain about received attacks anymore.

The problem is that the attack levels are 10-15 higher, of course they will pass my defense without problems. The game in this regard is not very balanced, I get a kick from the players to which I have more than one month of development. Attack me as well as to settle the island on the map should be levels +/- a couple of levels, not dozens.

@CaptainMorganI had been playing this game (OR) for alomst two years never frustrated never become unhappy but this time you made me not only frustrated but angered me…

I don’t know what “bugs” or “programmed” you set in this game after crossing 18000 mark your pet bugs become crazy and start eating my trophis like hungry dog…this hunger never stops once started…lost almost close to 400 within 3 hrs…this is crazy. This is not the first time I tested but everytime I cross that level. I tried everything changed defence, layout, GK and even reinstalled the game hoping it might stop…but all worthless. Fix the bug or explain it.

Hey Superman7777,others have mentio ed thus too before.

You can read this thread too.


They did just raise the “caps” a few weeks ago (notice how there are plenty of players over 20,000 now, but they stop at 21,999). The math must be incredibly screwed up though. I’d be interested to see what was actually changed.